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... day, my AST and ALT liver enzyme levels were normal. ... (1 replies)
... Marie, is this the test where the doctor put an apron over your private parts, and give you a shot before running you thru the machine. It resembles a mri machine. If so, my mom and my grandmother had this test done. ... (7 replies)
... to your ultrasound, it would show any visible damage to your liver, however, the most accurate test is the biopsy. I think the biopsy is used as a last resort and I would imagine your levels would have to be pretty high on a prolonged basis before biopsy. ... (7 replies)

... cholesterol. My cardiologist also checks liver enzymes every 6 months. Until recently, everything was OK, but after the last scheduled blood test I was told that my liver enzymes were "mildly elevated". ... (7 replies)
... My husband was told to start on Zocor last December by the family doctor. His total cholestrol was 228 while his triglyceries were 105. Other chol numbers were elevated. ... (1 replies)
... High liver enzymes can be a real problem and signals liver damage. Maybe you can try taking half the dosage, after you check with your doctor. ... (6 replies)
... I took Zocor 40 mg for many years until this last June when I started feeling really bad due to my muscle aches. I never had a problem for the first two years and then my last blood test showed my liver enzymes rising and my kidneys starting to fail. ... (6 replies)
... ast few months, my new number was down to 276! I know that's still high, but I'll take it. The only thing I did different than before was to take the krill oil and I gave up my bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. I still eat a lot of bad food, especially red meat but at least I know I am on the right path. ... (30 replies)
... ness, expecting doom and gloom. ... (7 replies)
... Don't worry, that ultrasound is VERY routine and usually means nothing. ... (7 replies)
... they left a message indicating that "LFT's were still mildly elevated" and that an ultrasound had been scheduled. I will ask for specifics when next I speak to the dr. or his nurse. ... (7 replies)
... I've been taking CoQ10 for a while now - no muscle problems that I've noticed. I wonder just what exactly would show on the liver ultrasound - how does statin-related damage show up? (7 replies)
... It is showing liver damage. ... (7 replies)
... which I think is o.k. Also a friend of mine who indulges a great deal more, when cutting down on alcohol ,his enzymes went back to normal. So take it easy on the alcohol, and have another blood test. Good Luck. ... (8 replies)
... SGPT are normal. The doctor blew it off but I'm totally flipping out. I've been off statins for quite awhile except for a few weeks on Lovastatin and just started back on generic Zocor yesterday as my LDL is high again. Can anyone give me some insight on this? ... (4 replies)
... enzime Q10 in your body. I'm not sure what the correlation between swelling or soreness but using Pravachol I had some aches, pains and minor swelliing. ... (5 replies)
... is merely the loss of one of the drugs, ezetimibe, that can be hard on the liver and muscles. ... (8 replies)
... I'm not at all sure about the Zocor and BP meds., but if the pharmacist said not to mix them I think I would believe him. Alot of times they know the interactions better then the drs. ... (13 replies)
... Hi All! i just received my mom's lab results and i have some questions. I hope I'm not being too annoying, but the dr. did not go over anything with us at the visit. ... (13 replies)
... They did the same thing to me. When I couldn't tolerate Lipitor they shoved meon Baycol. Finally I got totally ticked off and tossed em, then they put me on Welchol, don't lose that stuff either. ... (6 replies)

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