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I must say that I get many colds a year, as long as I can remember I'm sick quite often in the winter with my annual case of flu every year in January.
However this winter has started bad for me. First I got a cold about a month ago with the sore throat and the green phlegm. Now I have again a cold with the exact same symptoms. I get these cases quite often, general malaise, throat pain, green phlegm, some facial pain... however never with a COUGH.
Since years I also have lingering throat discomfort, no terrible pain but I have lots of phlegm which seems to make the area where throat meets nose a bit sore. This is accompanied with lots of foul smelling puss things in my tonsils which can be popped out. I assume these are related. I also often have a very foul smell in my nose for which I had a CT done about a year ago which was clear.
So, what exactly is it what I'm experiencing, the cold without a cough?
Well I catched also another one, my 3rd serious cold in 2 months time here. I have a terrible sore throat right now, with some bumps on the back of my uvula. Lots of green phlegm and pain around the eyes.
I got prescribed some antibiotics but they don't do much at the moment.

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