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I have this persistent sore throat that keeps coming back. Back in Oct I got a light cold with a pretty bad sore throat. I've had mono twice in the past when I was very young and generally have problems with my throat at least once a year--I can't remember too much about my "mono" period. My tonsils tend to get very swollen and they're pretty big, normally. This was swollen tonsils each with one white spot on them. The one white spot cleared up after a few days. The other one lingered for a little over two months. I didn't see a doctor because it wasn't really bad, and I couldn't afford it anyway. When flu season hit, I got a little sniffle, nothing too bad, but my tonsils started to hurt again, but no spots. They cleared up pretty fast that time. But then, about a week ago, I developed an inner ear infection. I took care of it myself, but, again, my tonsils started to hurt. No spots, again, but they hadn't really return to their normal size from last time. I have some redness and scratchy/light soreness. Also, the veins seem very red. It feels a little cottony back in my throat and nose, but nothing I can't live with. What I'm wondering is if it's possible to have chronic mono, or to have strep on and off over several months, especially if you're not taking antibiotics or any kind of medication. I'm in really good health overall, although I have been under stress for the past 6 months. I also noticed that my anxiety level seems to trigger soreness in my throat, for some reason. I'm getting so frustrated with my throat acting up periodically. I'm wondering if I shouldn't get them extracted. I know I should probably see a doctor about a culture, but does this sound like strep, mono or something else?

Thanks in advance for any info!


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