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Thanks Sarah. I really thought it was strepthroat becasue those white blisters were popping up in the back of my throat. I'm still not convinced it isn't but you calmed me down a tad. And like I said, I am getting more canker sores. After my last post I recieved 2 more on my tounge and another one underneath it. I have never had that many before and it makes it very unbarable to even drink anything.

EDIT: To explain the sores in my mouth a little better; There seems to be 3 kinds. Close to down my throat, white "strep" looking sores, about 3-5 small sized ones. I remember last time I had it that they were bigger. The 2nd kind is the cankersore looking ones, though they seem to hurt more, they are located on both sides of my mouth and right by the gums, which is very uncomftable. There's about 7-10 of them. Then there's the ones on my tounge, which comes as a total surprise as I never had them before. On the very tip and going a little bit up there's these tiny little white dots (4-7 of them), they don't look like cankers, more like bigger grains of salt. I can't see any further up but when my tounge touches the roof of my mouth or when I try to eat something it feels like there's lots of them there. It hurts so bad.
Any idea what it could be and could it have come with strepthroat?

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