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Hi everyone I would really appreaciate some feedback...

So about 10 days ago my son gives me his flu....

It started with the usual symtoms of fever, aches, fatigue, stuffy nose, sore throat, cough.

As the days went by my symptoms have I know thats a great thing but something weird happened yesterday and today in the [I]morning[/I]...(I want to stress the morning because at no other point during the day do I see what has happened no matter how hard I try and see if it occurs again, please read on)

First let me say that the cough, although getting better, is [I]crazy[/I] because you feel like your trying to cough up your lung.

I even thought to myself that the way I am going I wouldn't be surprised to see some blood in my spit from a busted blood vessel as this cough is crazy.

Anyway, like I said though the frequency is going down so thats great but I noticed yesterday, and today in the morning, that I wake up and go to spit out whats in my throat (I always sleep with my mouth open so that also contributes to the morning spit out of 'stuff') and I see what seems to be flecks of blood mixed within the phlegm/mucus.

Now I still have a decent amount of Nasal congestion. Its also recently colored itself yellowish and when I spit in the morning it seems that is what is comming out with the flecks of blood.

ie. I am not sure its from my lungs or not as it doesnt happen when I cough during the day.

I KNOW that after that, as the day goes on the mucus from my nose actually clears up AND when I cough during the day and spit out whatever there is in my throat there are NO flecks of blood or anything.

So its just the past couple of mornings that I wake up and that first or so spit seems to have had that and I am wondering if this is something I should be looking into immediately or is this all due to the flu/cold whatever and the cough.

Again I stress that I feel like I am improving all around....even my cough today has been clam and virtually non-existant to this point. My nose is still kind of stuffy though but again as the day has worn on and Ive been blowing my nose now and then, the color has cleared up and is now once again white.

No fever anymore for about a week now, no aches, pains, nothing. Chest doesnt feel painful or out of breath really for that matter.

In fact if it wasnt for the stuffy nose issue and now occasional cough I'd think nothing of it but I dont recall ever noticing flecks of blood in my spit before (and I mean like ever in my entire life) so it has me nervous.

A month ago I had a chest X-Ray done, blood work done, due to a unrelated issue and the doctor saw my lungs and he told me everything was fine or better said he told me he didnt see anything wrong (because, if he saw something weird I would imagine - duh - he would've said "Hey somethings up here")...bloodwork was fine too...of course this flu came after that so anything could happen I guess.

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