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Hi everyone. I thought I'd tell my story here, since I wanted to (but never did) log into the Health Boards.

2 months ago, I was sick with pneumonia for one week, then about a month later I got food poisoning - horrible experience. Vomiting/diarrhea and then couldn't eat and felt sick for a week.

A week ago, I came down with a horrible flu? cold? I had a scratchy sore throat (after going out on NYE and drinking too much) the next Saturday, bad fever/chills, and called into work Monday. I have never had such a bad flu or cold that didn't just run its course. My throat was so sore I couldn't swallow and my congestion ended up moving into my head and plugging up my ear. All the while I still had to go to work. I went to the doctor, they looked at me and said it's viral. I ended up going back to urgent care on Saturday and demanding they give me something to take home!!

Five hours later, no strep, and it's still viral. I'm shocked that something viral could feel so painful. The doctor prescribed me prednisone - which WORKS. I was convinced this sore throat was so bad nothing would help.

So just in case your doctor doesn't prescribe you anything, prednisone WORKED to cure my sore throat which was excruciating and was what i felt the root cause of fever, chills, congestion and other symptoms. :eek:

So glad to feel better. I'm also trying to reduce stress. I do not like my job and the thought of going there makes me so stressful I can feel it making me sick. I hope nobody else is in this situation because it's extremely unpleasant and affects your life more than you realize. May we all feel well in 2010.

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