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Dear Gurus

I got a bad cold( ?) which interestingly started chest discomfort, with a dry non productive cough body aches and it was followed by 3 days of bad sore throat where I got trouble swallowing.which got better yesterday.

No runny nose, no fever at all. about 2-3 sneeze thats all through out. Are these the modern cold ?

The thing is that once the sore throat stops, I have an uncontrollable cough and stuffy nose and that had affected my sleep somewhat. My phlegm was green and feel that I am recovering.

However, today I woke up tired and with slight muscle ache and stuffy nose and once in a while I would be able to cough out green phlegm.

Do you guys that its the aftermath of the stiff cold or part two of the cold. Is it common to have aches and fatigue after a cold? My lungs seems clear. I have no fever throughout but i have this uncontrollable cough that keeps me from sleeping well. I sometimes cough till my chest hurts. whats going on? is this some bad cold that has been aound?

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