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... I'm so congested now for about two weeks as we'll . ... (2 replies)
Throat hurts
May 23, 2007
... Well, my throat started hurting a week ago on Monday and basically when I swallow, my throat kind of like burns like I haven't drank enough water, but I do. I also cough occasionally and I have a runny nose and stuffy nose. ... (3 replies)
... Apparently i have "acute bronchitis", and a very very early stage of it so the only symptoms i have are in my throat. Its just extremely congested and swollen, im on antibiotics but thats about 2 more days before they kick in. ... (1 replies)

... moderate sore throat with spots on my tonsils and no fever, I had a culture the same day. Tuesday the spots were gone but my sore throat got worse and I had a fever of 100.9 tops. ... (1 replies)
Jan 31, 2004
... A humidifyer if a good thing to have to, it helps get the congestions out and keeps the nasal and throat area from feeling so sore. ... (10 replies)
Jan 6, 2004
... Has your doctor listened to see if your chest sounds clear? Years ago I went to the doctor with a sore throat, congestion and luckily a chest xray was done, because I was sent home, told that I had pharangitis (sore throat). Two weeks later after being soooo congested, coughing constantly and coughing up tons of stuff and feeling very very tired and week, I got a call from... (10 replies)
... And i have noticed it is triggered by a very very mild cold, symptoms including slight tickle on throat and slightly congested nose and sometimes leads into a cough. ... (0 replies)
... Hi. I've started with a mild bacterial faringitis, that became kind of worst in a matter of days. So they prescribed me, amongst other medications, six shots on 1g Rocephin, to treat it. I'm on day two, and I've noticed that, a little while after the shot, I feel spaced out, like if you're high or drunk, I can feel clearly(best way to describe it), and I feel like I'm... (0 replies)
... a month later im back at step one only not quite as bad!! Last week my cough came back and I started back on the inhaler. Thanksgiving evening I developed a sore throat due to drainage. Last night I couldn't breathe and was congested. Nothing helped. Not Ibu Profin, hot showers, netti pot, breathing in steam, or nasal spray. ... (1 replies)
It wont go away!
Mar 31, 2013
... for a few days. Today the sore throat is back and I've been having a really bad phlemy taste for the last few days. Its... ... (1 replies)
... *** Hope you are feeling better now *** did you get the results back from the xray? #1 - get lots of rest #2 - go to bed early every nite - I find when i go to bed late just for 1 nite the nasty bug says "I;m still in you" and I feel sick again. #3 - drink fluids and take extra strength pain killers take care eh? (8 replies)
... I've also been very congested during this time, with my nose almost constantly blocked, and a lot of mucus down my throat. ... (8 replies)
... In November, I had a cold (congested, cough, sore throat). It went away but the cough stayed and worsened in Nov and December but has finally started to diminish. However, I still feel like I have some congestion in my chest, I still have occassional coughing fits and then this morning I blew my nose and had blood and then coughed and had a tiny bit of what looked like blood... (9 replies)
First time Flu
Nov 19, 2010
... hat I definitely had the flu, not what the doctor had said I had. It has now been another week and my fevers have subsided and I can sleep again, though now I am congested and have a sore throat. I have never had the flu before and am basically just curious what the usual order of operations is here. ... (1 replies)
Nasty bug
Sep 10, 2010
... I,ve been sick now for going on 3 weeks. It started out with a scratchy throat and cough. ... (1 replies)
... tarted having really thick, sticky and slightly yellow mucus, and it was really annoying but yesterday things became significantly better. My nose was a lot less congested and it wasn't runny anymore, and my mucus is already pretty much back to normal. ... (0 replies)
... left side of my neck is in pain...the glands on the left side of my neck are still slightly swollen and hurt when I press on them...My chest still feels slightly congested and still coughing up some clear crud...but the cough is subsiding. I am still very weak and tired. ... (2 replies)
Head cold
Oct 23, 2009
... It started yesterday morning with sneezing. By afternoon I was congested and had a scratchy throat. Then I had weepy eyes last night. By 3 am full blown misery... ... (1 replies)
... just1primate, I suggest you get yourself a thermometer to use at home. Perhaps a little emergency kit, with de-congestants, cold/flu medication, pain reliever, bandages, etc. This way you can monitor your temperature, treat congestion, and avoid the Emergency Room. Flu symptoms include fever of 100.7 or higher, sore throat, and body aches, to name a few. Often times,... (2 replies)
... In the case of icecream, it mostly causes a dry throat and sputum that i need to spit out and it's a little sore the morning after. In the case of a cold drink, it causes a congested nose. ... (0 replies)

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