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... For about 6-8 months now I have have symptoms of PND (post nasal drip), sometimes feeling like there is a river of mucus flowing down the back of my throat. I usually do not have a stuffy nose. The mucus gags me and I cough and choke to the point where I have ripped my poor throat to shreds. Lately it has become so violent that it causes me to vomit. I am exhausted, cannot... (1 replies)
... I hope you have recovered, your post is a year old. ... (78 replies)
... Hi it probably is acid reflux for instance I ran out of my nexium for acid last night and today i woke up with so much mucus and post nasal drip, it was unreal do you know that the acid burns up the nasal cavity and causes mucos/post nasal drip, there is much info online about this, but if I were you i would try prilosec OTC for a week or so just to see if the problem calms... (78 replies)

... attacks for 5 years now and it has taken over my life and if that was not bad enough now I have a even worse problem for the past 6 months I have had really bad post nasal drip in my throat causing me to GAG!! ... (78 replies)
... is. I'm 63 so my immunity ran out about 40 years ago. Even you don't have it everyone should start getting the vaccine every 10 years. First I was told I had post nasal drip, then just a virus. It took three months to properly diagnose it. ... (78 replies)
... For many years I thought that my gagging and coughing were related to post nasal drip, but I went to an ENT and he said it was due to GERD. ... (78 replies)
... gagging with your post nasal drip ? ... (78 replies)
... I came to this site because of a search and found a post on Sinus Flooding by the user "Beerzoids". ... (78 replies)
... With all the variations of post nasal drip described on this board, I haven't seen anything like what I have in the early mornings. ... (78 replies)
... Post nasal drip (PND). This is the WORST disease ever. Docs don't understand it, people dismiss it..."it's just a minor'll go away"...and worst of all, it is relentless as hell. First bout in Summer 2002. Had it for 5 weeks. Had 4 bouts of it between then and now (June 2005). Usually lasts for 3-6 weeks. Currently I'm having a bout that lasted for NINE (9) WEEKS.... (78 replies)
... Well, now on week seven and still not much change. Keep getting the post nasal drip, builds up in my throat and I'm always clearing it. Feels like my throat is sore all the time, sometimes even swollen. ... (78 replies)
... Then it was suggested by my doctor to see an ENT specialist to find a cause of the post nasal drip. I had scans of my sinuses, but the doctor could find nothing wrong there. And suggested I see an allergist. ... (78 replies)
... I'm not even sure if this is a post nasal drip problem or not. It's 11 a.m. now. ... (78 replies)
... having sinus infection after sinus infection. It starts with the terrible headache for a day or so and then goes to my sinuses and then ends up in my chest with post nasal drip that keeps me awake for nights. Please if anyone has any answers for this problem please tell me what they are. ... (78 replies)
... I was diagnosed after some dull aching headaches near the top of my head and lots of post nasal drip. ... (78 replies)
... wow. I didn't think anyone else had this problem. For over a year now I have had bad post nasal drip and then I gag on it and sometimes I throw up. ... (78 replies)
... I have had pretty bad post nasal drip for awhile. I find myself spitting stuff out constantly throughout the day. I to have dry heaving fits and choke on it. ... (78 replies)
... itchy nose, constant sneezing, post nasal drip and a cough that occurred almost never in the day time but was AWFUL at night. ... (78 replies)
... bit more severe. It seems that at least once or twice a day I have to vomit mucus because it causes me to beging coughing. That is my first sign. All day I have post nasal drip and it accumulates until I have to vomit. The strange thing is that I could have just eaten a meal and when I go to eliminate the mucus... ... (78 replies)
... type of weird virus. It started out with chest congestion followed by a cough. The cough became more frequent and violent. To the point of almost vomiting. Post nasal drip started, it feels like it blocks my air which causes me to choke and gasp for air. I haven't had a fever or stuffy nose. ... (78 replies)

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