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Dec 23, 2011
... :pIf you have been sick recently with the dreaded cold/virus going around right now, please post your symptoms,:confused: what you have tried to treat it,:dizzy: and how long it is lasting.:eek: Maybe together we can figure this out! Thank you, Bless you, and hope we all feel better!:wave: (8 replies)
... flu virus that lasts for days. I have had it for 6 days now. It just seems to hang on. It's not a normal cold, it comes with body aches, fever etc.... ... (1 replies)
... I have it right now omg I feel like crap ugh. This is my 5th day going on 6th that I have had this. ... (13 replies)

... Yup, I've had it and agree that it was the worst cold EVER! It took 8 WEEKS for the cough to go away and then I caught something similar again, only it was much milder. In all my 38 years I had never been sick like that -- like a cold, flu, sinus infection and extreme hayfever all rolled into one! And it was way longer than any other cold I'd ever had, to boot. My son... (13 replies)
... Awwwh bless your heart! Well I know we aren't the only ones. I have been reading around on the boards and talking to friends by email. This is the flu that is going around. Everyone's symptoms do vary but it seems to be lasting between 7 and 14 days. So it's not a 48 hour bug. ... (23 replies)
... pneumonia. Yuck! This is a serious flu going around. ... (23 replies)
... God help us Writeleft! I am so sorry you all have been struck with this too. The doctor said it's going around. I am in Iowa. But I hear it's around the country in various places. We never saw it coming. My husband has had it since last Sat. But he keeps going to work. I got it Monday morning.... ... (23 replies)
... I have that right now with all those symptoms and I work at an elementary school. The virus that is going around now lasts more than a few days. It is day 3 and I am still running a fever. My husband still has it and it's been 5 days for him. ... (2 replies)
... rd for about a week now. First thing in the morning, I have a cough that produces a thick mucus that's a yellowish green color. My head feels like a pressure bag right above my eyebrows. My throat is a bit sore along with my nasal passages. Plus I feel weak all over and I'm breaking out in chills. No fever or anything. ... (25 replies)
Bug going around
Mar 25, 2008
... The "bug" always goes around, it is worse in the winter because most people have to close up their homes for the cold and the virus thrives in dry air and with the windows closed, others can get sick more easily. ... (1 replies)
... effective against, which is probable why it's going around so much. Honestly though, I don't know how many strains go around at once. Hopefully, the "others" are covered by the shot. ... (3 replies)
... I know that there are many weird viruses going around right now. ... (6 replies)
... when i was there, i nearly passed out from the nausea. he gave me a shot and the nausea went away, but i still have all the other symptoms. he said that it is going around right now. we need to support each other while we are going through it. ... (14 replies)
... I was over it for four days. Felt pretty good. Now today I'm getting that tiredness and "warm" feeling again. I hope its not kicking in again. This would be the third wave in last five weeks. ... (46 replies)
... Apparently there are a lot of coughs around right now even here in Canada! ... (3 replies)
... Any better today? We decided we HAD to get out of the house today, so we did. The fresh air felt great, so we drove around with the windows open (it's warm and cloudy today) with our dogs. We returned home, washed all the bedding, towels, pj's...and I alcohol-balled the remotes, the phones, the doorknobs, the bathroom fixtures-anything I could think of. My husband has no... (23 replies)
... Is it possible to catch the norwalk virus or a stomach flu from someone who hasn't yet shown symptoms? ... (3 replies)
... Funky is right!I got that virus you are talking about in the last week in August!I had an upper and lower respiratory infection,ear infection,cough,and runny nose,sore throat and lost my voice. ... (14 replies)
... ng thru these things. I have had the worst heaaches and feeling like im coming down with something for about 4 days already. SOOOO many people are getting sick right now. ... (14 replies)
... My colds typically last the usual 1 to 3 weeks. But right now something strange is going on. I'm in my sixth week of catching a bug and it's showing no sign of going away. I don't have any extremecare me. ... (4 replies)

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