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... My duaughter (16) has been having similar symptoms since January. She's had chronic urticaria (hives) for 7 years, and in January started getting a sensation of pressure in her chest, with occasional itching. She also is experiencing itching in her throat, but no swelling. Did you ever find what was causing your symptoms? (5 replies)
... r, and i was but on strong medication for that. Not saying thats what you have but i always get it around this time especially the itching in my ears, back of my throat and lungs! ... (5 replies)
... I went to er 5 days ago because of the fact I couldnt breath and was wheezing on inhalation (deep breaths only). I have this tight feeling in my chest and itchy in my lungs,throat and ear. Dr did xray and breathing test all looked good. Gave me antibiotics and cough syrup. He said its bronchitus. Well last night It happened again and its still going on this morning. I... (5 replies)

... known to have this for the past few years but its gotten worse now. I felt like I just could not get a good enough breath. Now for the past few days I cant stop wheezing but its only when I take a deep breath inhaling not exhaling. Then I keep trying to cough what ever it is up and my chest is starting to hurt. ... (1 replies)
... Hi. I've started with a mild bacterial faringitis, that became kind of worst in a matter of days. So they prescribed me, amongst other medications, six shots on 1g Rocephin, to treat it. I'm on day two, and I've noticed that, a little while after the shot, I feel spaced out, like if you're high or drunk, I can feel clearly(best way to describe it), and I feel like I'm... (0 replies)
... ugh. this morning i wake up and yuck. Coughing green phlem, and the only way I can desribe it is a metallic taste. My lungs feel like I have breathed fire and my throat hurts as well.but its deeper down in the throat. ... (3 replies)
Coughing fits
Nov 15, 2011
... Then after about 10 minutes of pushing carts I start coughing. Not a cough here and a cough there but it felt like I had something stuck in my throat and I couldn't stop coughing after that. ... (2 replies)
Feb 27, 2011
... minutes together. I went upstairs to watch tv with her and all of a sudden I started coughing as though there was an itch in the back of my throat. Then came the wheezing and coughing together. I'm not sure what this could be. I will be 24 in October, so its a ways away but I haven't had breathing problems ever in the past. ... (1 replies)
... I've been sick on and off for the last month. First I had a bad cold (symptoms: achy, tired, runny nose, headache, sinus pain). This went away and then 1.5 weeks later I had a sore throat, sinus pain, and more congestion. This went away too and now I have tighness in my chest, a dry cough, pressure in my head, wheezing and a low-grade fever. Are all of these from the same... (13 replies)
Prolonged symptoms
Dec 21, 2010
... hi guys, for about 2 weeks ive had some sort of infection which caused sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, wheezing chest and phlegm. i went to the doctor and he gave me some medicine and after a while all the symptoms went away but my wheezing. ... (1 replies)
Flu ???
Dec 18, 2010
... dreadful pain in my neck and base of head causing headaches so bad could barely put my head on the pillow.....sore throat.........took three days off work as my throat was so painful.... ... (0 replies)
... (6 replies)
... t of dark blood in it. I know blood is a bad sign, but it wasn't bright red and I wasn't coughing it up. I thought the blood was from a broken blood vessel in my throat from trying to cough it out the previous day. I didn't notice any drainage or anything sliding down my throat the rest of the day. ... (6 replies)
... Old fashion head colds usually takes 2 weeks. A cold is caused by a virus but there are many more respiratory viruses out there, some much worse than the ordinary cold. If you have one of the upper respiratory viruses that are going around it can take 2 plus more weeks. Keep close watch that you do not go into a bacterial infection like bronchitis or pneumonia. Yellow... (1 replies)
Viral Bronchitis
Oct 9, 2008
... They put me on zithromax as I had congestion in my lungs. A week later I saw a different doctor who put me on levaquin and an inhaler as I was wheezing a bit. I'm in the metro DC area and I just heard today that this stuff lasts a month so I have one more week. ... (7 replies)
... I am sorry you have all those allergies. But at least you know. I have been so sick since Christmas dealing with allergy symptoms, then bronchitis, now a sinus infection, 3 different antibiotics, and a cough that is killing me. As soon as I am off the antibio I am going for allergy screening. No telling what I am allergic to but I don't care. i will do whatever it takes to... (5 replies)
... Yes allergies I now have to take Zyrtec and Flonase from Feb until the end of may. Turns out I am highly allergic to Cockroaches,Cats,Dogs,Pollen and molds yuk......... Was able to keep it under control this year yeah!!!!! (5 replies)
... cough and throat gets raw with fresh air.. ... (25 replies)
... Well here I am one year later and I have the same thing today! Last year I ended up taking predisone and singulair. I have a script for singulair I think I will take it tonight. Still no clear answer on what this is. (5 replies)
... Well I'm not exactly sure its wheezing. It kind of sounds like congestion in my chest that is productive when I cough or clear my throat. I feel fine outside the cough. (4 replies)

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