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... It started as a sore throat and then a cough with phlegm a few days later. ... (4 replies)
... My cough however has been a wet cough the whole time. I am coughing up small amounts of phlegm. Sometimes it is a dark yellow. My concern is when should I see a dr or if? ... (1 replies)
... Now I'm coughing. Not a lot but when I do, I make sure not to swallow the mucus. I was in the dark spitting into a basin and when I turned the light on, I was alarmed to see what I had been spitting up is green! It's not very dark. Some of it is even yellow. ... (3 replies)

... There is a bad cold like that going around here in the part of florida that i'm in. Soar throat, cough, greenish yellow snot, stuff coming up when you cough but no weezing, headaches, ect..... ... (2 replies)
3 month cold?
Nov 10, 2007
... I too have this. this is why I read the thread. maybe the advice helped the OP, but it don't help me. ... (7 replies)
... I've had the same thing, only i had those come up while i wasn't sick or had a cough. If you think it's coming from the lungs though, and he is running a fever then you should get him checked out at the docter to make sure he doesn't have pneumonia. ... (2 replies)
... slightly yellow something that he coughed up. It does have a strong odor but I looked up tonsil stones which I found in a post from 2005 and it is not that at all. It seems to come up from his lungs not out of his throat and is much smaller than a tonsil stone. It is firm but you can squish it easily. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this board but I sure hope I can find some answers or advice. I have had something happen for a few weeks, that is kind of gross and it is embarrassing. I am just glad that I wake up before my husband. I have acid reflux. I have taken medicine for several years. I am 44 years old. ... (0 replies)
... in the past two years I have only been sick for 2 days. I never get sick, and when I do its nowhere near this long. ... (5 replies)
... Blood in m mocus only happend 3 or 4 times the whole time i have been sick. And it was streaks of blood when i throat was irritated. ... (1 replies)
Still WORRIED!!!!
Oct 12, 2005
... It's likely that the phlem is causing some coughing, even if it's thinned. You need an expectorant like Mucinex or regular Robitussin. Both contain the active ingredient guiafenesin. ... (3 replies)
Still WORRIED!!!!
Oct 11, 2005
... Okay it's been three weeks. Like i mentioned in a thread below. This cough is still here but very minimal. It's almost like i cough when i talk too much or get into physical activity. The phlegm has gone down as well but i'm still clearing my throat a bit. Here is what i originally posted. ... (3 replies)
... I've had similar symptoms for almost 2 months plus tinnitus (like crickets or power line buzz). I take Claritin daily (year round) but have never had what feels like a non-stop cold before. Started as post-nasal drip and terrible cough (coughing up phlegm), then progressed to phlegm in nose too (had to blow and blow and blow...never ending thick, vile white to yellow goo). ... (11 replies)
... green disgusting mucusey phlegm that it's safe to swallow it. He says the acid in my stomach will kill it. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, I agree, too much surrfin is not good. ... (11 replies)
... The dye in his juice box. From now on all he'll get is "screamin' green" or "neon blue" at least then I'll know what the hell is going on! ... (11 replies)
... Wow, mine is coming up through my throat! I have had phlegm from hell since October. I spit it out in the Morning. Oh I hope it's not strep too, that is going around where I Live real bad. My kids have been sick constantly this year. I have gotten to the point I can't stand all the coughing! ... (11 replies)
... I have tried Musinex been on two doses on antibiotics. I am wondering if it is some sinus issues. I can feel it coming down off the top of my throat. Mornings are the worst OR if I have any dairy product. ... (11 replies)
... s in the center of my chest with soreness about two inches to the right of that also. That one specific spot gets so sore. I was also occassionally bringing up phlegm through the day. I finally went to the doctor 10 days ago. He said I have mild bronchitis. He gave me Amoxicillin 875mg. That helped after about 3 days. ... (1 replies)
... nostrils, increases the risk of fluid or mucus getting into the Eustachian Tube openings near the back of the throat, somewhat even with the nostrils. Also..... when lying on the back, the middle ear is lower than the Eustachian Tube opening, thus increasing the risk of fluids flowing down the tube towards the middle ear. ... (5 replies)

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