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... I have a white dot on my left tonsil and it got larger and started to bother me today after I gargled with mouthwash. It was there yesterday and no sore throat. ... (0 replies)
... Any infection will give you a high white blood count, even a virus. Try not to worry as I think after a few days of the antibiotics she should be fine. Just have her rest and drink plenty of fluids. ... (3 replies)
... the heart. So she is in the hospital and they did all kinds of test and found she had pneumonia. She stayed overnight and was expected to leave today but her white blood cell count was high. It was 17 and should be under 10. Is this typical for pneumonia? ... (3 replies)

... I sure wouldn't attempt to pop the white things in your throat. ... (2 replies)
... ls and fatigu. Well I thought it was the flu and I am pretty sure that it the flu. But there is one thing that I find puzzling. I have these extremely painful white bumps on the back of my throat past my toncils. I read online that they say to "pop then". ... (2 replies)
... I ran everything through WebMD which suggests it's probably tonsillitis. However, I would like and actual person to give me a theory. About 3 weeks ago I noticed a hard, white, tiny lump on my soft pallet. it felt like I had some food stuck in the back of my throat. When I asked some family members, they likened it to a pimple in my throat. I scratched at it ( i know I... (4 replies)
... i'm thinking maybe i have strep throat & scarlet fever but it doesn't add up. it's rare for an adult, but this isn't just something kids can get, my son had it months back and he is 20 yrs old i have white spots (sores) on my tonsils, I can feel them, they kind of hurt, saw them, throat looks red to me, no trouble swallowing or anything though like a usual sore throat... (1 replies)
... Hello, I got sick back in September, really sick, I need cough this white/clear foamy mucus I get all the time, its really bad when I wake up. I've had this since September 5th I believe, I thought id wait it out and let my body deal with it, but it won't go away, it hasn't gotten worse or better. I Don't have any insurance so I haven't gone to see any doctor, so I was... (0 replies)
... white dots on your throat/tonsils is a sure sign of Strep Throat. get it checked! good luck! (3 replies)
... what happened if you already try for a month to get rid of it? my husband already took like three treaments including the shots and is still there, he gets the fever and the white dots and alot of pain (3 replies)
... What are these white soars in the back of my throat? ... (3 replies)
... its not particularly severe and more of an anoyance but for about 2 weeks now I'm vommitting white frothy phlegm when I cough in the morning. Should I be worried or will it just pass. ... (2 replies)
... White spots in the throat, especially when associated with pain and soreness, is often strep infection. But if you've had a history of something similar in the past, you might have the doctor evel for that. (2 replies)
... Could the white patch be a tonsil stone? ... (2 replies)
... strep as well and put me on antibiotics for my tonsils being infected. Well i look in my throat after 2 days of being on the medicine and there is a big patch on white on the side of my throat where it hurts real bad. i have had this before and it was an abcess and i was hospitalized. ... (2 replies)
... Could be tonsil stones (if they are small balls), or strep throat (white patches). Gargle with salt water and see your doctor if it is strep. (1 replies)
... my throat started bothering me tonight, so I looked in it with a flashlight. There are white spots on either side of my throat. Mostly on the right side. What could this mean? ... (1 replies)
... My white phlegm started last week on Friday and this morning it seems to have gotten better. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, This bug is going around here where I live as well. It sounds like the infection is cleared out of you, but you are still left with the viral infection, which antibiotics won't kill. It is just a matter of time for your body to fight it off. There is a long lasting cough here with people after the sinus and bronchitis is gone. In fact I got it 2 weeks ago, and I'm... (4 replies)
... My question is, shouldn't have white phlegm have cleared or can it be something else? ... (4 replies)

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