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Re: Water Soluable?
Jun 29, 2006
I had something called pouchogram. I am not sure if it is same as "water soluable".

They inserted a tume into rectum and insrted about halg a galon of liquid. I had a feeling like I am going to have horrible diarrhea. There was lot cramping as well. But I was able to hold. After Xrays were taken, I rushed to bathroom. But not much came out. I had to go 7 -8 time in next 20 - 25 minutes. I went about 25 time in next 10 hours. It stopped during midnight.

I had some lumps of about 1 cm dia which I had to take out using my fingers as the opeinign was too smal for those. I am not sure what those lumps were.

Overall test wasn't so bad.

Do yourself a favor.
1. Get somebody to drive you back home.
2. Get a "Depend" or better "Diaper" for drive back to home. You will not have enough warning to be able to pull to McDonald. It will just rush out as you will not have any control as you have not use rectum during your ileo.

Hope this helps.

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