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I also vomited green stuff. Lots of it. Drs put a tube down my throat (from nose), very uncomfortable. Tube constantly sucked out the green stuff (using some vaccum force). I also started diarrhea, of same green stuff, lots and lots every 15 minutes to half an hour. I was wondering, how the hell there was so much green stuff in me.

Then after about 18 - 20 hrs of diarrhea, around 2:00 am gas came out with it. Then withing couple of hours just only gas (around 4:00 am). Dr took out that tube from my troad in morning. I had liquid lunch, semisolid dinner, and was home before next days lunch.

So hang in there. You are almost there. The green stuff coming out from down below, means things are moving. Soon you will have the most awaited thing in that ward. "The Gas". By next day you will be home.

Edit: Just another note of caution. When the solid BMs start then you may get horrible burning during BMs, amost intolerable. To make matter worse, you might have 10 - 15 BMs per day. Do not loosen heart, that butt burn (if it happens to you) will go away soon and number of BMs will come down.

Good luck.

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