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Black tarry stool?
Oct 26, 2008
... It can be loose or formed, it is as black as coal and tarry means sticky (2 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Jul 31, 2005
... Black, tarry stool indicates stool that is sticky, and black. It can be formed , or in diarrhea form. ... (11 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Jul 30, 2005
... When the drs say black tarry stool do they mean loose or can it be formed? ... (11 replies)

Black tarry stools
Aug 19, 2011
... what does black tarry stool look like? ... (0 replies)
... or more like black coffee granules. ... (6 replies)
... thanks for the help guys, i went to my doctors last week and he didn't seem to concerned and prescribed an occult test for my stool so i have been doing that for the last three days and sent that in, now waiting results. ... (7 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Oct 30, 2008
... congrats on them finding no polyps, but hemms suck big time, im only 19 and i have a minor case of them, they never bother me though, the bleeding is probably from the hemms, the itching happens when tiny flecks of feces gets stuck in the tears in the hemms, ive been having stomach troubles myself, i go to the doc on nov 6, i hope all goes well, keep me in your prayers and i... (2 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Oct 27, 2008
... Sunny, the funny thing about this thread{not funny at alll} is since then I am 3 yrs older and have gone for yet another colonoscopy, my 3rd in 8 yrs! No more polyps were found this time, just hemoroids{which I am suspect about} as I have lost 25 lbs and gone from a size 12-size 8 in a yrs time without trying. I am also having some kind of breast issue so it could be this?... (2 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Aug 28, 2005
... Bhuneke: Good luck with the prep... make sure you drink plenty of fluid in between. The prep is the worst part... keep that in mind. Please let us know how it turns out. We wish you the best of luck!!! Regards, CancerDad (11 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Aug 27, 2005
... Just an update. I am going in for my colonoscopy on Tuesday! I dread the prep the worst and the fact that my dr is young. Kind of puts me at a disadvantage to have to sit across from him later for the results. He signed me up for a clinical study of his and I had to do blood tests . I get those results back later. I am having an endoscopic also looking for reasons for my... (11 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Aug 11, 2005
... Hi , I got my colonoscopy scheduled for Aug 30th, after I get out of the hospital for my Video EEG and I am having a PET scan of my brain before that next week. My daughter had her renal lasix today. At first her kidney wouldn't drain , but when they put the lasix{diuretic} in it finally drained. Her hydroneprosis{enlargement} is still there so we wait til the 25th to see... (11 replies)
... Bhuneke: The only thing you can do is to move forward from today for yourself... no whatifs, if only. STOP DOING THAT! You can only make sure you get what you feel is the best care for you (and your daughter) NOW! You will HAVE to rely on your husband some... and know that in all liklihood, he will surprise you and come through! All of your health is important...... (11 replies)
... I got my appt for Aug 11th. It's a follow-up appt to discuss my colonoscopy and my problems I've been having. Last yr I had some tests and the radiologist had recomendended a CT to determine if it was Crhons or if something was kinking up in my abdomen but the dr I was seeing decided not to. I hope that wasn't a mistake. This dr will be a lot more active in my care. When I saw... (11 replies)
... Thanks, My daughter's ultrasound didn't go well but a call to her Nephrology dr helped to calm me down a little. Her kidney is still enlarged{hydroneprosis} even though she had surgery in May, so I was upset to say the least.He called me back from his cell phone on his vacation time, another friend of my BILs , and he is going to see her after her renal lasix test which isn't... (11 replies)
... Bhuneke: Go ahead and lean on us... that's what we're here for. Besides, it helps us take our minds off our own problems! I don't know how healthy that is, but as long as we get to our problems, and are actively getting the help we need, how dysfunctional can it REALLY be to use others' problems to take our mind off our own? Especially if it helps you too! Best of luck.... (11 replies)
... I caled for an appt this morning. My dr doesn't have any appts, I have to call back in a couple of days. I will call back on Wed, he knows me, he is younger and knows all about my previuos tumors and autoimmune problems. Thanks for pushing me. I know better but I am overwhelmed with mostly my daughter's health, she is still not outt of the woods yet, her brain defect makes... (11 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Jul 31, 2005
... Bhuneke: I'm so sorry to learn of your difficulties. Sounds like we are right on though... make sure you get in ASAP. And yes, it is VERY SAD that it seems as though none of these doctors care. I've always said to my wife, if they had to taste just an ounce of what we go through, they wouldn't be such as$hoIes! It's incredible! And I don't believe it's because they have... (11 replies)
Black tarry stool?
Jul 31, 2005
... Thanks, I did have both Endo and Colonoscopy 5 yrs ago.When they did the Endo, they found an ulcer and I am "spitting" up blood too. I thought at first I had pneumonia as I have green stuff in my sputum, i have had non-stop sinus infections lately and that I think goes with my prosthesis problems. I told my husband that's why I have to go to TX, we live in Va. The drs here... (11 replies)
... ould be too, especially given his history. But I do agree that was probably a physician blunder overdosing him on Naprosyn, which caused bleeding higher up, and black tarry stools down below. ... (11 replies)
... I have had tarry stools, and muscus in my stools and it was NOT cancer. I ate fat free stuff and that changed the looks of my stool and made me sick. I had to go back to my regular diet and cut out most of the dairy products that I ate. ... (7 replies)

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