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... Today, when I had a bowel movement, when I went to flush the toilet, I turned and seen there was bright red blood in the toilet. I couldnt see any clear water, it was COMPLETELY filled with blood. I couldnt hardly even see the stool! I am really worried. ... (7 replies)
... after my stool. The problem is, I can't tell whether this blood is coming from higher up in my colon or not. ... (3 replies)
... I sit on the toilet everyday at the same time for 30 minutes to have a bowel movement. I don't strain or force my bowel movements out instead I take long slow deep breaths continuously until I have had a bowel movement. ... (4 replies)

... I really miss him... And he's probably a major reason I suddenly grew concerned with cancers and sicknesses in general...aside from my Aunt... ... (0 replies)
... Can anyone explain the mechanics of why someone with a bowel problem such as colon cancer causes constipation or diraeah. ... (0 replies)
... In Feb 2005 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I had surgery to remove the testicle. July 2005 the cancer recurred in my right lung. ... (3 replies)
... Over the past 8 days I've had blood dripping from my anus three times of six or seven times I've gone to the washroom to defecate. ... (4 replies)
... with your uncertainty and the blood, i suggest you see a dr. if nothing else, it will ease your mind. there is no reason to take a chance. good luck (3 replies)
... lots of bright red blood with the movement, and lots on the toilet paper when wiping. Also drops of blood in the toilet water. ... (2 replies)
... This morning I had slight pain and then had a BM which was diarrhhea.. I normally have 2 BMs a day.. so so far yesterday for the 2nd BM no blood i could see, and no blood today. ... (16 replies)
... you should never hesitate to check something like this out with a specialist and I would suggest having a colonoscopy. I had the same exact thing a couple years ago, and it turned out to be internal hemorrhoids. ... (7 replies)
... Minutemaid sorry to read about your medical problems , I have the same thing going on with me right now !!! bowl full of blood 4 different times , I did go to the Drs. ... (7 replies)
... That is not good... at all! I had a very similar case, I had a very bad bout, when I was 4 months pregnant with my son, of rectal bleeding... I went to the emergency room since it happened 3 times in one morning. I needed 2 units of blood transfused... ... (7 replies)
... and I let it go for 4 more days till I almost bled to death on my bedroom floor. Diverticulosis!! Very extreme bad case. You will have pain on your left side with this. Please don't be stupid like I was and go to the ER NOW. ... (7 replies)
Oct 3, 2006
... I have had hemroids for as long as a can remember, but last week I had quite a lot of blood with my bowel movement, plus a couple of smaller darker clots. ... (3 replies)
... grandmother died from colon cancer and i know that kind of caner is very fatal. I told my mother and she told me blood can happen sometimes and not to panic and it in fact may be a tear from a bowel movement coming out or hemroaids. ... (6 replies)
... I have had symptoms for the past few weeks that are starting to worry me. I have had a few instances where when having a bowel movement the toilet filled with blood, and my stomach hurt BAD! The doctor said that this was just hemmroid. ... (5 replies)
Blood in Stool
Oct 21, 2005
... I am not concerned about the colonoscopy--as my husband had one a couple of years ago as well as my aunt. I know the day before, etc. is the worst part. I am trying to find out from someone if they have experienced this type of symptom of so much blood with a bowel movement (diarrhea only) and what the diagnosis turned out to be. I've read up on IBS and Chrohn's, etc.... (5 replies)
... his colon removed due to a large cancerous tumor approx 1 month ago. A colostomy bag was inserted and today he felt like he had a lot of gas and needed to have a bowel movement. He ended up passing a large blood clot from his rectum. Has anyone had this happen to them? ... (1 replies)
... er liver and she died. Same thing happened to her brother all within 3 months. My last colonoscopy was over 3 years ago and now bowels have changed and now I had blood in my stool again and then the other night, after just urinating the toilet it was full of blood. It was not from vaginal area, nor urinary tract. ... (7 replies)

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