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... yes it do still suspect a hemherroid they cant always be felt because they are very soft. colon cancer is a possibility but to say the least is uncommon under 40 never mind under 25 im not saying its not that its just far more likely to be a hemherroid because itching and discomfort in the back passage is a common complaint in people with a hemherroid. best of luck (1 replies)
Colon cancer
Jul 29, 2011
... There are survivors of stage 4 colon cancer, so I am wondering if your son has explored all options. I hope you are able to reconnect. ... (4 replies)
Colon cancer
Jul 26, 2011
... How do I reconnect with my 40 year old son who has been given 2 to8 months to live with stage 4 colon cancer and has aleady under gone a colostomy. ... (4 replies)

... who get stricken with colon cancer. ... (5 replies)
... The best test is a colonoscopy in which a tiny video camera is fed up the colon while you are sedated. ... (16 replies)
... was diagnosed 6 months ago with stage IV rectal cancer. She has undergone radiation and chemo but yet the cancer has spread to her lungs and liver. She has lost about 40 lbs and is now under 100 lbs. She gets sick everytime she eats and cannot hold anything down. ... (3 replies)
... I have had pain in my lower left abdomen and occasional stabbing pains in my stomach and what seems like right under my left rib area. The lower pain tends to be mostly in the lower left above waistline and lower left side near hip bone area. ... (0 replies)
... Colon cancer is the most dangerous cause of blood in the stool, but in a person your age, it's certainly not the most common cause! Colon cancer is very rare in people under 40. And it typically produces symptoms that are more extreme. ... (3 replies)
... threatening disease under the sun trying to diagnose yourself. ... (6 replies)
... No it does not run in my family but I had 2 buddies from my High School die of colon cancer, one at 30 and one at 34 and I only graduated wiht 250 people, so when I hear it is rare in those under 40, it makes me wonder. ... (6 replies)
... Keeping in mind I'm neither a doctor nor an expert on the subject, from all the research I did it seems to fairly rare in pretty much anyone under 50 with no family history of the disease. ... (6 replies)
... Is colon cancer very rare in those under 40 as well? ... (6 replies)
So Scared
Jul 19, 2011
... I don't know Kali, I go to alot of boards and see alot of people who are dealing with Colon cancer in their 30's or know people who have it in their 30's. ... (12 replies)
So Scared
Jul 9, 2011
... Statistically, colon cancer is incredibly rare in people under age 40. ... (12 replies)
So Scared
Jul 9, 2011
... I had 2 buddies from High School die from Colon Cancer and I only graduated with 250 people. ... (12 replies)
... t polyps like 98 percent are not cancerous and this is the reason for the test. If you catch the polyps in small stages, then removal is easy and your chance of cancer is lessened. It is as the polyps grow over a time frame of 7 to 10 years that they change into tumor sizes and form cancers. ... (3 replies)
... xcreted, therefore it may originate from the upper colon, small intestine or even the stomach. However the GP is usually able to tell if the blood comes from the colon or upper intestinal tract by relying on secondary symptoms such as heartburn, which apparently tends not to occur with colon conditions. ... (2 replies)
... I recently had a colonoscopy because of 3 weeks of bloody diarrehea and abdominal cramps, I am 40 years old. During the colonoscopy they found no abnormalities under rectal exam, but found colitis throughout the rest of the colon. The GI said I have diffused colitis, maybe ulcerative colitis. ... (1 replies)
... I am surprised as well at the ages. If I went by the normal recommendations I would get a cololoscopy 10 years before my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and that would have been too late. I have bleeding and some other symptoms so my Dr said we should do it now. I just turned 31. ... (9 replies)
... I would see a different GI doctor. You CANNOT always see what is going on INSIDE the colon from a CT Scan. ... (15 replies)

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