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... LAR surgery costs more than colon surgery higher up. Do you know if the surgery is an LAR? ... (8 replies)
... at you should worry about your health first and the money last. You cannot put a value on life. My 42 year old brother in law is dying at this very moment from colon cancer. Some of the people who have been around here awhile might remember me talking about him. ... (8 replies)
... Please can someone give me a ballpark figure on how much the surgery to remove a tumor in the lower part of the colon would run? ... (8 replies)

... didate for getting all of the cancer removed and avoiding a slow death from spreading cancer, which used to be the only option. And it used to be that even after surgery that people still didn't survive. Doctors know much more about how to best handle colon cancer these days than they used to. ... (7 replies)
... ional and their protocol for dealing with cancer is years ahead of many other facilities. Mine was rectal cancer Stage 1 but will require an ostomy when I have surgery in March. ... (8 replies)
... ional and their protocol for dealing with cancer is years ahead of many other facilities. Mine was rectal cancer Stage 1 but will require an ostomy when I have surgery in March. ... (8 replies)
... My suggestion to you, like everyone else here has said, is worry about your health first! Next, go to the business office of the hospital and ask to speak with someone who can help you work out the finances. Most hospitals have someone that can guide you through applying for Medicaid and other programs that are in place for patients that cannot afford the health care they... (8 replies)
... So sorry to hear you are in such a dilemma. Boy do we take our health service for granted over here. All we do is moan and groan about how badly run it is and spread awful stories about it in the media, but I don't know what we would do without it. Everyone runs down our country, especially us, but I'm thankful my husband is being taken care of by the good old NHS! I do... (8 replies)
... I think she was referring to right now before they incur the financial hit. Of course group health insurance through employment is available as she said .There are also other ways to find help through the hospitals charity care assistance if you qualify. You probably can qualify for medicare in the short term. All that can be worked out after treatment . (8 replies)
... I would like to add that you CAN get health insurance after diagnosis after 6 months of treatment completion (i.e., chemotherapy). I know because my husband went through it and I started a new job with health insurance which included his coverage. so it depends on the scenario. There are things to check into and I wish you the very best in your recovery. Worry first about... (8 replies)
... That is a very hard question,you need to talk with the hospitals financial assistance to get a estimate which is just that and not including the surgeons ,and other parties involved. I saw an estimate for $25-40k for a basic LAR without complications. Then you have to figure in your hospital stay of 5-7 days. It is very expensive . With chemo and all your looking at... (8 replies)
... Speak to a social worker at the hospital. They should not turn anyone down with a serious condition. The social worker may be able to help with medicare or medicade or something like that. Good luck to you. (8 replies)
... ill pay for colonoscopies for people over 50. If your doctor determines that it is necessary for you to have one sooner due to GI problems or a family history of colon cancer it should also be covered. I am 42 years old. Several months ago I had cramping and a little bit of bleeding. ... (3 replies)
... I took it upon myself to find a board certified by the ACS in Colon Rectal surgery in the DC area, I live in Southern Maryland. ... (12 replies)
High CEA
May 22, 2004
... I have asked him whether is there a need for surgery and he said one will come if there is blockage in the colon. Surgery on the liver will be carried out if the CEA has dropped to a stagnant level by chemo. ... (20 replies)
... had a complete hysterectomy 3 years ago, during that surgery they removed several large tumors. I have tests scheduled on th 7th. I have actually thought a couple of nights that I may have to go to the ER. ... (3 replies)
... But anyway, I arrange to pay my colon dr that did the colonoscopy in monthly payments, and I didn't owe the facilities anymore cause they accepted the 100.00 copay. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Everyone,:wave: It has been a while since I've been here. I finished my chemo in January, and two weeks later I went to a cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico because I did not want to just stop and do nothing. I met so many interesting people there. Two were men who had stage 4 cancers before they started the program. One was prostate which had spread to his either... (2 replies)
Large polyp
Oct 14, 2006
... enough with myself to look into it. Slowly but surely over literally hundreds of hours, at least 5 hours a day for past 5 months of research I decided it was the surgery for me. Yes, it is more complex, yes fewer surgeons are capable of doing it, yes it requires much more skill. ... (9 replies)
... I can understand your concern and will certainly tell you how my husband was dx Stage 111c at the age of 65. His sister died of colon cancer at 53 so he should have been having colonoscopies but never did. His symptoms, such as they were, started only 6 months before diagnosis. ... (11 replies)

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