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... CEA, so I suppose that I will just leave it at that for now. The dr didn't realize that the CEA had gone up 4 times in a row, so he said that he would go over my charts again and give me a final decision tomorrow. ... (28 replies)
CEA Question
Nov 26, 2013
... Thank you JJ for your reply. I will be getting a CT scan soon, and a colonoscopy after that along with more blood work. ... (4 replies)
CEA Question
Nov 22, 2013
... Hi, I haven't posted for a while. I have a question. My CEA is now 4.8. It was 3.1 back in May. ... (4 replies)

... I'm a smoker for 15 years n did cea blood test recently. ... (0 replies)
Cea level question
Oct 23, 2009
... thanks to everyone for sharing your information. I just had a CT and colonoscopy and everything was clear. The last CEA has gone back down to 2.7 from 4.3. I have no idea of why it was elevated. ... (8 replies)
... Hi I am a "newbie" and am hoping someone can help me understand CEA levels. About 4 weeks ago I gave a faeces and urine sample at my doctors request and from there I had to have a blood test. My CEA level reading was 8. ... (2 replies)
... This must be so worrying for you and it is amazing that with our modern technology, that they cannot find anything on scans. Even though 3 is really the highest CEA one should have as a non smoker, my husband, who does not smoke often has a CEA of 4 or slightly above that, like 4.1. ... (15 replies)
... Dad has high cea levels can't find where cancer is. What is normal? ... (15 replies)
... It is important that you be seen by a specialist. Don't accept a barium enema instead of a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy is the gold standard for detecting polyps and cancers in the large intestine and rectum. ... (5 replies)
... impaction and take some laxitive. four weeks later the pain is horrid and I feel genuinely ill. I AM worried it could be cancer in there. I was due to have a colonoscopy and this has now been downgraded to a barium enema after Christmas!. ... (5 replies)
... From what I understand, the CEA is not a conclusive test when used on its own but is taken as a baseline for future testing. The colonoscopy is a better way to get a correct diagnosis and I hope yours goes well and that you get good results! ... (5 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Sep 24, 2006
... Hi JJ: Sorry for the delay!:rolleyes: OK, as you know, the report is talking about the polyp on a cellular level. It is a good thing that is is "negative for high-grade dysplasia"--dysplasia referring to the abnormal development of tissue, grading being a classification of abnormality; from mild to moderate to marked or high grade-dysplasia often synonymous with... (28 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Sep 22, 2006
... CancerDad, I'm sorry to keep bugging you, but I can't find answers about my last (23rd) poylp removed 2 weeks ago. :confused: When I woke up from the colonoscopy, the dr just said "Everything is fine," but the next day, his office called saying that he wanted a PET scan done right away. Still fighting with insurance to get approval since I had one in March. I had them fax... (28 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Sep 14, 2006
... I will also have another CEA next week. ... (28 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Aug 31, 2006
... I left so early this morning, I just got a chance to read it though. I was right...for some unknown reason, the prep didn't work as usual, but colonoscopy was done anyway. ... (28 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Aug 30, 2006
... py, your GI can ONLY tell if something has recurred or spread IN YOUR COLON. It will NOT show mets to ANYWHERE else in your body. Only a PET can do this, and a CEA out of range can tip you off to something growing elsewhere in your body. ... (28 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Aug 30, 2006
... Also, if I have any mets, a colonoscopy will NOT show anything going on, right? ... (28 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Aug 26, 2006
... JJ: A colonoscopy will ONLY show IF it has gone anywhere else in your colon--NOT mets to anywhere else. With your CEA so low below the "worry range" of "3-4" where you KNOW something is growing somewhere, I REALLY wouldn't worry. I know easier said than done. And this cancer thing haunts us for the rest of our lives, but the longer out you go, the better your chances...... (28 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Aug 26, 2006
... more days and the colonoscopy will be over with and I'll know something. Dread the prep, but anxious to have it over with. ... (28 replies)
CEA slowly rising
Aug 25, 2006
... ed by mets to your brain. Sorry if this sounds blunt. VERY UNLIKELY. Colorectal cancer mets are NOT common to the brain, and you would certainly have a higher CEA than 1. ... (28 replies)

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