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... I am looking to have a colonoscopy in Chicago and have no insurance. ... (0 replies)
... I spoke to a family member who recommended I call my doctor who performed the colonoscopy last year and let him know what is going on. After speaking to the doctor he recommended scheduling another colonoscopy just in case something was missed. ... (3 replies)
... As you indicated, I guess I have to just wait for the results and hope for the best. Do you know approximately what percentage of the polyps removed during colonoscopy turns out benign? ... (11 replies)

Colonoscopy 2013
Dec 15, 2012
... The hospitals in my area were willing to help by setting me up with a payment plan but the cost was astronomical. ... (2 replies)
Colonoscopy 2013
Dec 15, 2012
... The hospitals in my area were willing to help by setting me up with a payment plan but the cost was astronomical. ... (2 replies)
... o medical need for it, I'd just wait until I got coverage. With no history or past issues, odds are low there are any issues. Or you could just save up for the cost and get it when you have the money. ... (5 replies)
... cancerous stage, but close to it, I was told. I have to have colonoscopy again in six months and, following that, only if it is totally clear, I will need one every three years. ... (6 replies)
... what does a colonoscopy cost without insurance (0 replies)
... in good health. My grandfather had colon cancer and my sister had noncancerous colon polyps found during her colonoscopy at age 43. ... (3 replies)
... The best thing to do is call billing, at your doctor's office, and ask what it would cost you. ... (1 replies)
... Does anyone know how much a colonoscopy cost and surgery center? ... (1 replies)
... Hi i think the cost of a colonoscopy done private is between £1000.00 - £1500.00, fairly expensive (1 replies)
Oct 5, 2008
... the cost can vary depending on the doctor, and whether you have anesthesia or local only. ... (1 replies)
... I just looked up my insurance claim forms for my colonoscopy in Feb. I have one every year. ... (2 replies)
... It depends on where you live and who you go see. In the US and in the state where I live, originally I was going to have to pay for it, since it wasn't medically necessary for me to have it done. But it would have cost $250 - $350. I'm glad I had it done, to find out I had cancer. Then the insurance company paid for it. So, like with everything, it depends. (2 replies)
... how much does a colonoscopy cost? ... (2 replies)
... Hi guys, well as the title says I'm getting my first colonoscopy tomorrow. I been constipated for years, days would go by without even going once, then when I do very little comes out. ... (11 replies)
... But anyway, I arrange to pay my colon dr that did the colonoscopy in monthly payments, and I didn't owe the facilities anymore cause they accepted the 100.00 copay. ... (1 replies)
... I know this is an old thread but my doctor wants one done so I called to find out what the insurance would not cover they told me to call the test facility so I did got the old run around it all depends on this and that there is no copay but they only cover 90% so I would pay 10% the clinic said they would call a few days before to tell me my part so much for time to... (1 replies)
... Check with your health insurance plan but usually the associated charges are covered in full with the exception of a small copay. I just researched the cost of my wife's colonoscopy from Oct 2007 and the charges were as follows: Outpatient Medical Center-- $900.00.. Insurance Paid $727.18 Laboratory (2 specimen tests)-- $201.00.. Insurance Paid $177.52 Doctor Services--... (3 replies)

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