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... y concerns to the GASTRO since he's ordering tests thus far. If he finds nothing...RELAX...if you can. If not, talk with your GYN concerning the possibility of cysts or endometriosis. I think you're going to be just fine if you focus more on "life" and less on "death". That's just my opinion. ... (68 replies)
... ms would be in the upper right quadrant, under the lower ribs, so it is highly unlikely with left sided pain that it would be due to gallbladder. Do you have any cysts on your left ovary or endometriosis that might be causing the pain? ... (15 replies)
... I haven't went to see my gynecologist with any concerns- but that sounds like my next step. I have been in for both the lactose and gluten intolerance blood tests, and they both have come back negative. Went and saw my gastroenterologist today, and got the appointment date for my colonoscopy... and I have to wait until november 11th! (rememberance day- how freaky... ) So I... (2 replies)

... ondition where tissue that is normally in the lining of the uterus, migrates into other areas in the pelvic region and causes pain. Another possibility could be cysts on your ovaries. Have you been tested for lactose or gluten intolerance? ... (2 replies)
... My CT scan found a lesion seen directly on a loop of the sigmoid colon that appears to be solid. It says that it is posterolaterally on the right and is presumabley the rt ovary with two cysts and free standing fluid. My Dr ordered the scan due to weight loss, diarrhea and anal pain. ... (0 replies)
... particularly if there is a family history. I have lost three family members thru bowel cancer so I should have been on to it earlier cost me about 30cm of my large bowel along with all the traumor of chemo and radiation. ... (1 replies)
Re:colon cancer
Apr 23, 2008
... Colon cancer can most certainly be hereditary. Your family history is indicative of it. It is called HNPCC hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer due to a defect in a mutation repair gene. I would strongly recommend you consult a genetic counselor for further advice. ... (2 replies)
... Well, they decided that I needed a CT scan with the dye and the barium drink. Nothing was found in the colon but they did end up finding several kidney stones and cysts on my left ovary. ... (3 replies)
... isn't it funny how colon problems makes us suddenly talk about the grossest things? ... (7 replies)
... We found out my father had been having blood in his stool on and off for about a year. ... (5 replies)
Sonogram Results
Apr 28, 2006
... My sister had a cyst this large on her ovary, it ended up crushing her ovary, as her doctor called it and she had to have the ovary and cyst both removed, her scar is the same size as mine. ... (8 replies)
Sonogram Results
Apr 28, 2006
... My daughter had large adnexal dermoid cysts on both ovaries that had to be removed along with the ovaries. ... (8 replies)
Sonogram Results
Apr 28, 2006
... Colon cancers NEVER grow from the outside in. That's just not the way it grows...pathologically. So, try not to worry too much. Cysts on or around your ovary are pretty common, and often do resolve themselves. If it were a tumor, it would have appeared diffently on the ultrasound... ... (8 replies)
... In any event, the cysts are usually harmless, often painful depending on your cycle, and you are often advised to have them removed. You don't have to though, especially if they are not painful or bothering you. ... (6 replies)
... My guess is they are most likely stool, if they keep moving to different areas, or cysts in your vaginal wall as I explain below. ... (6 replies)
... e school line. It is the bone sorta up high. I have had this problem for about 8 months and now one month ago I got my first hemorrhoid. I also hurt in the front on the left side which I thought was an ovary hurting but turns out that the ovary was fine. ... (0 replies)
... Back to my hypochondriac feelings on having colon cancer... ... (0 replies)
... up to my usual bowel issues and it seemed to pass for awhile. For the last month or so, it has returned. The last couple of nights, I have not been able to lay on my left side from the discomfort. ... (0 replies)
... thanks weissoccermom. I got your message on both boards. ... (4 replies)
Now I am scared!
Apr 17, 2008
... back fine. ER released me and said take some pain meds and get rest. I took it upon myself to see a GI doctor today and she said that there were some findings on my CT that concerned her and that something might be "brewing". Now I am concerned too...Please help me...this is what the CT says. ... (1 replies)

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