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... sigmoidoscopy next month, but now I'm experiencing a dull ache in my lower abdomen. Usually when I wake up and it persists on and off throughout the day. ... (4 replies)
... strain in my lower left abdomen and it hasn't gone away. I figured it was just a strain from squatting at the gym, or maybe even a hernia. ... (1 replies)
... right of my belly button and it radiated down towards my appendix. At about the 7th year of having that daily pain, it suddenly went straight up under my right lower rib while I was eating dinner and became severe and I went to the hospital thinking I was not coming back home. ... (4 replies)

... I'm a 30 yo male and I've had this ache in the lower left side of my abdomen for about a week now. Actually it started a few weeks back while taking an antibiotic, then it went away once I stopped. ... (0 replies)
... Ok so this started a little over a month ago. It started with a tooth ache, then my lower abdomen started bothering me, two days later, I was in and out of the bathroom about 6 times in two hours feeling like I was going to have diarrhea or throw up. ... (0 replies)
... Since having a colon stent put in place to open up a constricting mass found in the sigmoid area of the colon last February I have experienced lower left side pain that often radiates into the hip and can wrap around towards the back. ... (7 replies)
... neck and back aches since March and has had numerous blood tests that all came back clear. The head and neck aches have gone but he still gets aches across his lower back, we think this was maybe due to his posture. ... (7 replies)
... at the doctor a few months ago with symptoms of IBS, i had bouts of constipation, rumbling noises from my back passage, i get like cramping pains in my abdomen, lower back ache. I have never experienced any blood loss from my back passage, no weight loss, i cant feel any lumps in my abdomen. ... (5 replies)
... Allan, thank you for the reply and I'm very sorry for your loss. As you've said I'm going through with the exam even though I'm extremely reluctant. Kewpie (4 replies)
... Thank you, Mazrose. I've been trying to tell myself that. Who knows I may not even have cancer! Several people had colonoscopies after fearing they had cancer and were told they didn't! Sometimes my hypochondria gets the best of me! For now I'm going to find things that I enjoy to get my mind off it. Kewpie (4 replies)
... Kewpie... you are right when u say that God will take us when the time is right... no matter what we do.. BUT if u do have bowel cancer its not the end of the world either. Dont give up hope if you have cancer.. There is sooo many things they can do these days.. and u have to be strong and positive... Many ((((hugs)))) to you Maz (4 replies)
... The main difference between a gastroenterologist and the "colorectal" doctor that you're seeing is that the former is a physician trained in internal medicine, and the latter is a physical trained in general surgery and who has a special interest in colorectal surgery. In other words, you could have seen the gastroenterologist, and he could band hemorrhoids, or scope you, but... (4 replies)
... rectal dr. and he banded a hem inside. Well I'm still having blood but not as much as before, and not every time. I have also been having dull aches in my lower abdomen which I'm not sure is relatated. When I sit down I can feel this pain in my abdomen, like something is pushing on something inside. ... (4 replies)
... sses or causes for concern. However, over the past almost 3 years now, I've been experiencing some very odd symptoms of something!!! My stomach bloats up in my lower abdomen region, but not necessarily after I eat. It is somewhat sensitive to touch. ... (2 replies)
... ks of blood on the stool. This occured for the next two weeks on and off. After the second time I noticed blood I had laid down and felt a gurgly feeling in my lower right abdomen...not pain...just a feeling. It went on and off in that area for a few days. Then a few days later it moved to the low left side. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Trish: I didn't see your comment to me before I posted my last comment. My symptoms are basically, I started feeling some vague lower-left pain around mid-late August, nothing major, more just a little nagging/annoying. Looking back, I've also had bowel changes for a few months prior: much softer, more frequent BMs (I thought that was a GOOD thing because over my life... (7 replies)
... I have had a dull ache in my lower left abdomen for the past 6 months, as well as frequent stools, and in the last couple months some bloody mucus on the stools sometimes. ... (16 replies)
... My lower back aches. It is a dull ache and sometimes it burns. ... (2 replies)
Symptom Help
Jan 7, 2004
... Hello, First of alll. Thank you very much to the 2 of you who answered my question last week with the suggestion that it was possible a gall bladder. I changed my diet to eliminate most caffeine and all greasy foods, and increasing dietary fiber by eating a healthy portion of fruit with lunch. I am also minimizing my exposure to cow milk as I am Lactose intolerant... (0 replies)
... When I was diagnosed with colon cancer all of my children and immediate family had a colonoscopy per request of my surgeon. So if your day had some pre-cancerous polyps removed I would just insist that your doctor did it. I have meet so many that are in their 20 and early 30 with colon cancer. It is the gold standard and if all looks good you can work on keeping your risks... (2 replies)

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