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... So today I noticed this lump exactly near my anus. It does not hurt while sitting or moving. ... (0 replies)
... It most likely is a hemorrhoid from the information you gave. Internal hemorrhoids tend to poke out after bowel movements then receed back in. I would go to a general practioner first if I was concerned about it. With a rectal exam they would be able to help you. (3 replies)
... It was a year ago I found a lump on my anus. It's actually just in the inside but I felt it one day while wiping. ... (3 replies)

Lump On/In Anus :(
Dec 12, 2008
... i just got back from the docs and he had a quick look and said it was a hemroid within 5 mins of me being in there, PHEW! ... (3 replies)
Lump On/In Anus :(
Dec 12, 2008
... ds exactly like a hemorrhoid which can form at any age. I would try the Prepartion H, some cool moist wipes folded and placed over it, as well as get more fiber in your diet. The more straining and pushing you do while having a bowel movement, the puffier and irritated it will get. ... (3 replies)
Lump On/In Anus :(
Dec 12, 2008
... all pain on my anus hole and i didnt think much of it, but the day after that it was kind of itchy for no reason so i checked in the mirror and i noticed a small lump right on the ring of my anus and also going into it, it dosent hurt when i touch it and its soft it kind of feels like a blister? ... (3 replies)
... To start, i am a canadian living in taiwan, and i speak no chinese or i am very concerned about how to ask for certain things and what tests. ... (2 replies)
Rectal Lump
Oct 23, 2007
... Please go see a doctor. If it's hems then the doc can give meds for it. Please don't wait. Cynthia (3 replies)
Rectal Lump
Oct 22, 2007
... About 8 months ago I realized there was a lump in my rectum. It was quite small then but now it has grown to about the size of a kidney bean. ... (3 replies)
... well, in the last week, it seems a lot bigger, about the size of a grape. ... (0 replies)
Worried !
Feb 2, 2011
... He told me that it is a couple of years he feels a lump in his rectum and when he goes to the bathroom there is sometimes blood on the toilet paper. Once in a while he feels a burning sensation in his back and twice in the last month he told me is throat felt weird on the right side. ... (0 replies)
... But doesn't hemorrhoids hurt and usually don't last for over a year? :| Also, can a general practitioner remove it or do I need to see another type of doctor to do so? It depends on the inflammation or irriatation. Mine are always present, but only if I have had flare ups of IBS (like going 10 times a day) do they usually present a painful or bleeding problem. But, I... (3 replies)
... Thank you, anprdp. :) But doesn't hemorrhoids hurt and usually don't last for over a year? :| Also, can a general practitioner remove it or do I need to see another type of doctor to do so? (3 replies)
Lump On/In Anus :(
Dec 12, 2008
... Sounds like a hemmoroid. Try some preperation H, an over the counter creme to help stop the itching and the swelling. It may bleed a little also. Good Luck (3 replies)
... help. The best medicine I have found is to use flushable wipes and perhaps find Preparation H wipes then after you are clean fold one up and place it over your anus and leave it there as you get up. It might wet through your underwear or your pants but the relief is immense. Try sitz baths as well. ... (2 replies)
I found a lump? :|
Sep 17, 2006
... About 4 months ago, I found a bump on my anus (about the size of an m&m, probably smaller) it's totally painless and there's no problems with it at all. I only noticed it one day while I was wiping. It's not suppose to be there, which is why I'm kinda worried about it. For the past year, my health has been kinda weird. Most days I feel: - Tired & weak - Lightheaded or... (3 replies)
... When you say around colon, I think you mean around your "anus." It could be a simple cyst. Because it has NOT changed in size, I doubt it's a hemorrhoid. You say you had one in "a similar location." I'm assuming you are talking vaginal? ... (1 replies)
... Hello. I also have left sided pain, thinner stools, constipation, and a lump on the left side of my anus. I have had a barum enima but never the other. The doctor wanted to schedule me for one but the computers were down that day. ... (7 replies)
Mucus in stool?
Nov 11, 2004
... d undergarments. And when I tell this to people, no doubt they'll think I am a worry wart, but it is there nonetheless...I mean, once 5 years ago I had some red in poo and I just let it go and I was fine... ... (5 replies)
... about 3 inches but the surgeons will remove "margins" around the tumours. this is to ensure that they get all the cancerous cells which do not neccessarily occur in a compact lump, there are tendrils a few cells wide extending out from the tumour that are not visible except under a microscope. ... (7 replies)

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