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Barium enema
Apr 1, 2008
... Thank you, thank you flint. (5 replies)
Barium enema
Apr 1, 2008
... Not painful, just uncomfortable. they put the barium in your bottom and then you are on this table that they move around, up and around. All you really feel is pressure. better drink a lot of water afterwards, cause that white barium can get hard and you can be looks like white poop when you go..........drink lots of water... (5 replies)
... My experience with a barium enema was good. ... (3 replies)

... e again. Well, I went to my dr appt today and she could not feel anything wrong with my stomach. She refered me to the radiological association to get a Barium Enema done. Okay, now I am scared! Is this painful and does this procedure tell alot about your colon? ... (5 replies)
... ray, it was as i imagined it to be, not painful but embarrassing and uncomfortable. it was worth it though cause my result came negative and everything was fine. ... (12 replies)
Jul 10, 2008
... not pleasant but definately not painful. Just a little pressure and then it's all done. The yuckiest part is the enema that you have to do at home. ... (5 replies)
... does insurance cover it? (5 replies)
... I am with Sammi. I have had 2 and can't even remember them. Seconds after the IV starts and them I am awake and clue less. Maybe a Sigmogoscopy (sp) would be because those they just medicate you a little and you are still awke. Anyway, good luck (5 replies)
... Are they not sedating you for your colonoscopy? Most people say they don't have any pain. I'm finding the prep to be a big problem for me. (5 replies)
... Hi kathy, There is a solution, I had a " virtual colonoscopy" through a private clinic here in Calgary. it is expensive but completely non invasive. I think I paid $750.00 2 years ago. When you think what we pay for a root canal or a break job - it is well worth it! Let me know if you want any more info. Good luck. (5 replies)
... My physician's have made attempts to complete both of these procedures; however, were unable to complete them due to pain severity (I am assuming the gas to be causing the massive pain). Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so, are there alternative methods to receive a diagnosis? (5 replies)
Back in hospital
Jan 1, 2007
... The attending doc is ordering a small bowel scan and will either do a colonoscopy or contrast enema test. I'm rooting for a colonoscopy because i am already cleaned out and they will put me out. ... (13 replies)
... Glad to hear things are improving gradually. I remember when you first posted here as a newly diagnosed patient, mine was about 3 months prior to yours. I had my reversal on Dec 30, last chemo cycle (folfox) was on Oct 6. They did have me go through a CAT and PET (with CT) scan before my surgery to decide whether to remove the port or not and rule out any possible... (79 replies)
... If you're painful constipation continues, with no results from an enema or the drink, I would be more inclined to think you have a blockage, which could be caused by a polyp, if it's grown significantly, what about diverticulitis though? Is your abd pain on the left side? Left sided pain usually signals diverticulitis, this same thing just happened to a friend of mine, have... (3 replies)
... Meg: If you are talking about bowel movements, I would recommend using an oil based product to facillitate passage (use an empty enema bottle cleaned out)-- even occasional use of olive oil is ok... she will notice a BIG difference. BTW, Is it the anus that has tightened, or higher up. Also, if it's that painful, the colorectal surgeon should be giving her some meds... the... (9 replies)
... I have the same problem,,,blood in the rectum,,even while peeing~ :( r suggested a barium enema,,im freaked out..b/c a few yrs ago i had a sigmoidoscopy & it was the MOST painful thing Ever~! Im still debating on what to do..good luck to you :angel: (7 replies)
May 26, 2005
... A sig is often more painful because it is done without much in the way of anesthesia whereas a colonoscopy is done with anesthesia and sometimes you are even 'put out'. ... (1 replies)
... t finger. Yet I wear diapers and leak... especially when I painfully dilate with dilators. In order to evacuate, I must liquify everything to diarrhea using an enema bag. This of course makes me NOT want to eat... what comes in must go out!! ... (20 replies)
Ribbon shaped BMs
Nov 28, 2004
... I reiterate Marimac's advice, a colonoscopy or sigmoidiscope is in order. The C'scope requires the nasty prep, an S'scope only an enema BUT an S'scope is painful and does not allow the doctor to see very far up the bowel while a c'scope includes sedatives and has never been painful for me. ... (3 replies)
... tiredness. The past few weeks I have been kinda tired all day, even if I get a lot of sleep. And just last night, I found some kinda painful bump down there, near my anus. ... (3 replies)

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