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... I'm here...couldn't see any more posts for some reason until today. Been wondering how you were, Jas, and so glad you have scheduled that colonoscopy! ... (68 replies)
... Ok, my colonoscopy has been scheduled for May 9th. I can't believe I'm actually going through with it! I'm scared to death. All the thoughts that are racing through my mind, it's spinning. ... (68 replies)
... Hey Jase...I'm tickled pink to say "I TOLD YOU SO!? ... (68 replies)

... I just wanted to post an update on my colonoscopy pathology results. The 2 polyps they removed were hyperplastic. They do not have the potential to turn into colon cancer!!! The doctor said I don't need another colonoscopy until the age of 50, which is another 14 years! ... (68 replies)
... I knew of a woman years ago that had polyps removed at 32. I've had a lump on my back since I was in my twenties that is still the same. From my understanding, it can take years for some benign or cancerous polyp to grow. ... (68 replies)
... Hey guys, sorry I left you hanging. ... (68 replies)
... t know what is wrong with me though. Some days are better, some not. Still searching for answers. Sometimes think it is mostly anxiety, other times am convinced I have some kind of rare cancer or life threatening illness. Concerned for you though just because you are so anxious. ... (68 replies)
... Exactly, sweetie...I'm no expert, nor do I pretend to be. I can only speak to the lessons I've learned through my own personal suffering. ... (68 replies)
... I don't mean to act selfish, in fact I hadn't realized I was, until you told me to get away from "self". Then it hit me...In all of this madness thinking about my children, I have really only thought about myself. ... (68 replies)
... I really wish I had this kind of support at home. Unfortunately, as supportive as my husband tries to be, I'm afraid he's becoming quite frustrated with my obsessive nature over this whole ordeal, that he refuses to enable my self diagnosing behaviors, i.e. ... (68 replies)
... active in our healthcare. You are doing the right thing to rule out cancer and ease your mind. Yes, unfortunately, we fear the BEAST of cancer. That's human emotion and quite normal. I don't think yours is malignancy. ... (68 replies)
... Still, it will always give you peace of mind to get the tests and find that you are OK! Takes a lot of the worry away. Always better for them to find nothing wrong than to not go for tests and wish you had later. We have no history of colon cancer in our family either. ... (68 replies)
... I'm having a colonoscopy this Friday morning, and I'm terrified of the results. I can barely stand it. I'm not worried about the prep or procedure itself. I cry constantly from fear of hearing something bad!! My GI doesn't really consider me high risk even with a Grandfather who was diagnosed nearer to age 60. ... (68 replies)
... Thank you so much Suzq, it means a lot to me that you came back just to give me some words of encouragement. ... (68 replies)
... Your prep sounds so much better than mine. I could barely get it all down and it was definitely not Gatorade!! I had to get up at 2am too to drink the rest of mine the day of procedure. It was a pain but also nice to get it over with early rather than have to wait until later in the day. ... (68 replies)
... My prep has the 2 packs of Gatorade powder, and the laxative powder, all of which I mix with 64 ounces of water. I start at 3pm the day before my procedure, having to drink half, plus I have to take a total of these 4 little pills. ... (68 replies)
... Hi Jas, i just talked to the nurse and the doc was right. The polyp in question has precancerous cells, but not cancer, so they want me to do another colonoscopy in 2 to 3 years in case more begin to grow and it takes 5 years for them to grow. ... (68 replies)
... Hi Jas, just read through all your posts and reminds me of my anxiety. Waiting for certain test results can consume a person and I tend to lose weight while waiting, even if I double food intake. Anyway, I know the groove in the stool you are talking about. ... (68 replies)
... I hope you are both doing well, and had a very enjoyable weekend. I hope your physical and emotional pain subsided enough to let in a smile, or at least one happy moment. ... (68 replies)
... Yes, very relieved! However still experiencing some anxiety and working on that. I think I got myself so worked up my body's still reacting. So trying to calm down and take it easy. ... (68 replies)

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