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... I do not know what they mean when GI's refer to "flat, ribbon like stools? ... (1 replies)
... It's just the look of the stool throwing me off. ... (7 replies)
... This is caused by an obstruction in the rectum that squeezes the stool into this shape. ... (1 replies)

Narrow Stool
Aug 25, 2005
... I've had narrow stool for the past year. I just went in for a colonoscopy and there was nothing to it. The prep is far worse than the actual procedure. ... (2 replies)
... it is said to be ribbon like. This happens because the tumour is growing on the inside of the rectum and squeezing the stool on one side as the stool moves past the tumour. Any large blockage in this area can cause it such as a large hemmerhoid. ... (4 replies)
... Quick question for you, this is gross but I want to know what you think. I am having some weird bowel movements. They are regular and all, but the stool is usually quite thin and can be painful at times, not always. ... (1 replies)
... Okay. I saw my PCP yesterday, and have a GI appt in 2 weeks, but I am worried. I am a 55 yo woman with several health diagnoses that affect each other - especially med interactions. Bipolar, Type 2 Diabetes, some neurological disorders, PCOS (years ago), and a long history of chronic constipation. I have a 1st cousin with colon cancer. I had a clear colonoscopy 2 1/2... (1 replies)
Not yet diagnosed?
Aug 11, 2010
... hha. When I finally went to a GI my symtoms where, prolong change in bowl habbit, I had loss 10lb in 2 weeks, was anemic and had low feritin levels, when I pass stool it was flattened and ribbon like, I had a loss of apitite and was always tired. I was positive I had cancer. ... (2 replies)
... in the earlier stages, some people may have blatant symptoms and others won't. Sometimes anemia is the only way colon cancer is discovered and the blood in the stool may not even be visible so the person would have no way of knowing. All depends upon WHERE a tumor is located. ... (3 replies)
... ht. Gallstones cause no problem so surgeon said no need to take it out. Recently I have been feeling constipated and then diarahrea and back and forth. I felt like I could never fully empty my bowel for about a week but that has all but gone. When I do go I have thin stools and sometimes ribbon like stools. ... (0 replies)
... Shortly after posting this, the bleeding stopped and my stool went back to normal for the most part. Now fast forward to here and now I am experiencing, I am feeling gassy. ... (11 replies)
... rap. There isn't any blood coming out.I've also been farting more, and it smells worse normal. Could stress, diet or exersicing less than normal cause weird crap like this? ... (5 replies)
... went completely nuts with my diet and ate everything I liked. I was getting hamburgers every day, pretty much. You get the idea. In any case, my stomach did not like that very much to day the least. Loose stools were frequent. I started noticing blood in my stools. ... (1 replies)
... If you have ANY blood, or increased frequency of bowel movements, change in stool consistency... ribbon like or pencil thin, etc. then PLEASE go to a GI and schedule a colonoscopy. Better to be safe than sorry. I DO NOT MEAN TO SCARE YOU. ... (6 replies)
... times a day always stringy or ribbon like often yellowish. Appetite has decreased. Wake everynight at 3 AM on the dot. ... (8 replies)
Narrow Stool
Aug 29, 2005
... Today I went 2 times 30 minutes apart from each other and had the same stool each time. Thin little ribbon shaped stool barely enough to fill the bottom part of the toilet bowl. Tell me there's not some type of obstruction there. ... (2 replies)
... And this week I have been having cramps on my right side. I am researching my symptoms, and of course there seems to be like ten thousand things it can be. ... (3 replies)
... Daddyzgirl, I am having a hard time getting a concrete definition on what ribbon shaped stool looks like. When you said that your stool is the shape of a ribbon, what precisely did you mean? ... (21 replies)
... I think whoever came up with the flat stool symptom needs to be slapped because it's so vague and has caused a lot of unnecessary worrying in people like you and me. I've had flat stools on and off since 2007. ... (1 replies)
... I went to the walk in doc who gave me an xray told me I was constipated with a large mass of stool in my colon, gave me miralax and sent me on my way. ... (1 replies)

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