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... What is considered thin stool? ... (0 replies)
... Though I had other symptoms as well and spent several months visiting docs and trying to get answers, it was the thin stool and increasing rectal pain that made me realize that I might have rectal cancer. And indeed I did. ... (14 replies)
... if one had blood in his stool and often had thin stools does that automatically mean it is colon cancer? ... (14 replies)

Thin Stool
Sep 15, 2006
... A thin stool can be caused by an anal stricture, or anal stenosis. The muscle tightens up. I have had this and it was because I had an anal fissure. ... (3 replies)
Thin Stool
Sep 14, 2006
... I feel perfectly normal, but the stool business has been bothering me so I went and saw my doc today and got an exam. ... (3 replies)
... an argument going with someone that if someone had thin stools because of Colon Cancer and began taking Metamucil, the metamucil would not change the size of the stool because an obstruction would be causing the thin stools. ... (1 replies)
Stool, gas
Jun 2, 2010
... I have pencil thin stool, possibly related to hemorrhoids. I also have gas, odorous or not, about 10 times a day. What should I do about this? ... (1 replies)
... with blood in your stool, how many times a week did it occure or did you go months without any blood in your stool or was in a frequent thing? ... (14 replies)
Thin Stool
Sep 17, 2006
... Otherwise, it is perfectly normal to have a bigger stool and then pass smaller stool. ... (1 replies)
... i got a question that i hope i can get a responce to. in has to do with having thin stools, which i know could very well be a sign of colon cancer. ... (1 replies)
... Quick question for you, this is gross but I want to know what you think. I am having some weird bowel movements. They are regular and all, but the stool is usually quite thin and can be painful at times, not always. ... (1 replies)
... I have had thin stools since Wednesday. Here is the background. ABout a month ago, I started experiencing constipation. My rectum hurt because I could not go to the bathroom. ... (8 replies)
... Well you see the doctor said that most think of being backed up as fecal impaction but only in the rectum...but he states that its common for stool to first become impacted in the right side of the colon. ... (8 replies)
... But I know what you mean about the worry...I've had odd abdominal pains..some localized some all over. Plus sitting makes them I've noticed pencil thin stool and some weight loss but this could be cause I'm not eating well...I'm scared to eat and I've been really depressed lately about all my symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... I scheduled a Doctors appointment because of these pains, because I seen a lot of blood on the toilet paper for a second time, I also had a pencil thin stool, and also developed a swollen purple bump on my anus. ... (1 replies)
... more fiber and see what that does. I have been diagnosed with IBS by my GP and just to be safe am scheduling a colonoscopy in the next few weeks. IBS can cause thin stools. A good way to rule out on your own if a tumor or blockage of some kind is causing your thin stools is to start taking a fiber supplement. ... (1 replies)
... Over the past few weeks I have been getting worried about changes in my bowel movements. Basically, I have always been regular once a day with the exception of when I eat too much and sometimes need to go twice. Recently I started noticing that my stool seemed to have a flat edge (curved) and having read other forums I have convinced myself it's colon cancer. Although in... (1 replies)
... omethazine for the nausea. It is much better but the nausea is still there off and on as is the GERD discomfort. About two weeks ago I began to have soft pencil thin stools. No pain, no bleeding, normal color. Stool sample was completely normal. Now I have a colonoscopy and endoscopy scheduled for October 25th. ... (1 replies)
Blood in stool
Feb 18, 2011
... times a day. Stool has been smaller then normal and a bit darker and this morning it was pencil thin with a flat side colour was light brown with a few red spots. ... (0 replies)

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