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Dr. Glenn Jelks
Nov 13, 2004
Has anyone been to Dr. Glenn Jelks in New York City. I know he is considered one of the best eyelid surgeons, but do you know if he does nose jobs (rhinoplasty)?
Re: Dr. Glenn Jelks
Nov 21, 2004
[QUOTE=Natalie2004]Has anyone been to Dr. Glenn Jelks in New York City. I know he is considered one of the best eyelid surgeons, but do you know if he does nose jobs (rhinoplasty)?[/QUOTE]

Did you find anyone who went to him? I suggest doing alot of research. Alot of people are written up in NY mag as being great but you have to do research to make sure his patients like him.
Re: Dr. Glenn Jelks
Jan 28, 2007
I had two surgeries by Dr. Jelks. The first was upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty in early 2006. I am thrilled with the lower lids. Because I thought the upper lids still had too much droop and folding, I had the upper lids redone along with a "soft rhinoplasty" earlier this year (2007).

Overall I am happy with Dr. Jelks. I decided on Dr. Jelks because after consulting several surgeons, I trusted his technical anatomical explanations and was happy with the time he took to allay my fears regarding the anesthesia. I still would recommend him because he has a very conservative approach, which I prefer. However, the one criticism I have is that I was unprepared for the length and severity of the healing process with the upper lids. I thought it was going to be easier. Also, my nose is still swollen (going on 4 weeks) and I am a little upset with that. I did have a minor trauma to my nose last week, which I know resulted in a setback. I still have pain and swelling. When the tape first came off, my nose looked great, but it swelled up in five minutes (as they said it would) and then stayed swollen (and will be for "a few weeks," as they vaguely say because they simply don't know for sure!!)

The healing process is different for everyone. I try to keep in mind how much better my eyes looked six months out than they did at one month out. Skin needs to scar, relax, fold, heal. I keep telling myself the same thing will happen with the nose. I want to see that nose I first saw when the tape first came off.

Overall, I think I received excellent care and good results from Dr. Jelks. His staff is very helpful as well. The healing process is never as easy as you think, and results vary. Do I think I look "beautiful"? No. Better in many ways, different in others, overall an improvement but it's not miraculous. I will wait five months before posting as to whether I'm happy I had round two.

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