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... I have had silicone implants put in a couple of months ago, but all of a sudden there seems to be alot of bad press about silicone. I've got liquid ones in not gel! ... (2 replies)
... Every single woman, no exceptions, I've seen with implants has looked horrible when nude or in skimpy outfits. Their breasts jut forward like torpedo points with no realism to them at all. ... (10 replies)
... grade temperatures, I slurred my words and was in a mental fog. I didn't think it was my implants as the drs assured me they were fine and my whole body was affected. I became so tired, I couldn't function anymore at work. ... (5 replies)

... Hi. Iam 23 years old. I will be having PS in a few weeks. I am leaning towards the new "GUMMY BEAR" silicone implants recently approved by the FDA. I have done all my research from top to bottom. ... (1 replies)
... eople that had bad doctors or underground people do bad jobs of injecting or even used the wrong kind of silicon. Silicon gets its bad name basically for breast implants leaking and the wrong people injecting it. ... (4 replies)
... most of the time, a doctor will ONLY do implants which will suit your body style...if you find a doctor who will put DDs in you, run for your life! Your frame is too tiny to both support it and look good. ... (17 replies)
... Hi everyone! I've always loved the look of implants, but I've never really thought of getting them. My breasts are perky (I'm 19) but I love the gap between fake boobs, and I like the fact that a bra isn't necessary when you have implants. The problem is, I'm a 32C (borderline D) 110 lbs, AND i'm only 5"2-5"3 in height. I was thinking about losing weight to decrease my... (6 replies)
... e very pleased with my result from a medical and cosmetic standpoint. They were happy for me because I was happy. It doesn't mean that they would've PRESCRIBED implants for me, but at least they were supportive and understanding!!! ... (6 replies)
... cup and most of her friends wear B or C and there mom's aren't what I would call big chested. It just seems like the girls today are growing much larger chests. ... (17 replies)
... I have read that some women want implants to be a D or even larger. ... (1 replies)
... Hi and thanks for the info. I'm 41 years old and a size 38c. My breasts aren't extremely saggy yet but they are getting there. My friend had implants put in cuz her surgeon told her that is all she would need to perk them up instead of getting the breast lift. Said she only needed the volume on top. ... (10 replies)
... I got a loan from my credit union. My surgeon has since retired, but the surgeon I used to remove my implants was fantastic. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention her name here. ... (5 replies)
Gortex implants
Oct 27, 2004
... I have had Gortex implants in my upper lip and really want to warn you NOT to go through with it. First, no matter what your doctor tells you, they are NOT permanent. ... (2 replies)
... :wave: Hi MerryMary33, All I can say is go in and do a google search, did you go and read up on the FDA hearings? Just go and type in side effects from breast implants. If you do that under google, and alot comes up. Either way you can find a great deal. As for the swelling that is water and you probably need water pills. I know I had to get them... (28 replies)
... upper abs, upper back around bra area and inner thighs. I'll be very sore. Has anyone had lipo on their breast with implants and lift? ... (4 replies)
Butt implants
Apr 3, 2007
... the help. My Surgeon recommended me having Brazil butt lift with fat taken from my tummy and reinjected into my butt..............he said this is the safest butt implants that he can recommend because of the less rejection by the body. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all, I had my saline implants for about 8 years and had them under the muscle. On March 9 I had a hemorrhoidectomy and then on the 21 of March I had my implants replaced with the silicone, the same size. Let me tell you my boobs never hurt at all, just a little soreness and thats it. My bottom is still in agony. ... (28 replies)
Implants so young?
Feb 23, 2007
... It's just thought of being so young that puts me off incase they need replacing a couple of times or something. Did anyone get implants young and can offer advise? ... (3 replies)
... If you only weigh 110 now, I would not suggest trying to lose any weight (you don't want to end up looking like Lindsey Lohan did when she lost weight). You probably would not lose much in your breasts any way. When I was your age, I weighed 113 and thought I needed to lose weight. I went down to 102 and after two years, I realized that I looked horrible with no meat on my... (6 replies)
... You ALWAYS have to wear a bra with implants if you have a lot of natural breast tissue. The implants make them even heavier and they will sag to your knees if you don't. Got that from my PS. ... (6 replies)

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