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Oct 18, 2010
... Yea….i am very surprised on how well it seems to be healing up. It sucks because I just got my period so now it’s a bit more uncomfortable for sure! You said you didn’t wear any “knickers” to bed…I haven’t been either… I haven’t even been wearing them really at all…just so there is no friction at all… But.. I guess now I have to for a few days because my period id here..oh... (22 replies)
Oct 16, 2010
... looks of it whereas insurance only do it for discomfort. but it stil looks amazing i love it. ... (22 replies)
Oct 15, 2010
... see, i drove myself there and back so i didnt need to tell anyone. That is great your insurance paid for yours. I didnt even look into if mine did or not because i am still under my parents insurance so my father would have seen the procedure listed. ... (22 replies)

... does insurance cover labiaplasty (0 replies)
... Hey bennyboo ive wanted labiaplasty for about 2 years now and ive been researching all about it. ... (1 replies)
Aug 9, 2008
... Hi there! I had my Labiaplasty on July 31st - not sure what method my plastic surgeon used - he considered me to be more of an extreme case -and put it through insurance. I had the entire labia minor cut down and skin trimmed up the front of my "area" near the clitoris, etc - to help bring the Lab. majora closer together. Anyhow - my stitches have to be removed this monday... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone! Newbie here! Sure wish i knew these boards existed - i had no idea and only found them AFTER the procedure! Oh well! I found a great plastic surgeon and at the consultation he found my case to be of a more "extreme" one and never charged me a dime - he billed my insurance. I had the procedure under MAC anesthesia at my local hospital 2 weeks later. ... (1 replies)
Jun 25, 2008
... Now this doctor is a gyno, but i fully trust him. it made it easier that my insurance covered the procedure as well. ... (0 replies)
... need this procedure donw very badly. I don't have a lot of money and my health insurance will only cover it if by gynecologist does it. She has told me that she has done about 10 in the past few years and that it takes her 20 minutes. ... (1 replies)
... i had labiaplasty in 2003. sounds like you want it done for the same reasons i did it. ... (4 replies)
... is has become a problem in the sense that it is rubbing against material and sometimes gets very swollen and bright red and very very irritated. Think I may need labiaplasty and also just for cosmetic reasons it bothers me. Has anyone else ever had this problem or this surgery? ... (4 replies)
... I really really would like to get the Labisplasty done. I yet still have to see another Dr and then see if my insurance will cover it. The first Dr I went to said that it would probably be a very painful surgery because it is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. ... (2 replies)
... never told anyone about my problem,etc.My first step is to go to the gyno.You can go to a hospital or clinic and make an appiontment.I want to ask the gyno if my insurance could cover the labiaplasty.If she says no then im just going to continue saving and pay for it on my own. ... (10 replies)
... r trust any Dr but a plastic surgeon. I think they have more experience on this type of surgery! If a plastic surgeon does any kind of plastic surgery, then no insurance does not cover it! ... (2 replies)
... ter lips. It really bothers me to do exercises like running, or wear tight pants or underwear. I think it's more uncomfortable because only one is longer. Can my insurance cover this procedure because I cant afford it. I really want to fix this because it's so uncomfortable. ... (2 replies)
Labiaplasty advice
Jan 20, 2007
... thick as most women who have the labiaplasty procedure, i still think i look strange. ... (0 replies)
... and for my condition do you think insurance could pay all of it? ... (0 replies)
... HI! Thanks so much....I was originally scheduled for August 18th, but had to push it back to October for insurance reasons. i cant WAIT to hear how you are healing, and how it came out and everything! ... (13 replies)
... YES, Three HUNDRED dollars and THATS IT!!! I dont know how I lucked out on that one. I didnt have insurance either, I just wrote a check. Thats what my PS quoted me, so thats what I paid. Everything went fine. It was a simple procedure. ... (3 replies)
... Your insurance could possibly pay for this procedure if the size of length of your labia causes you pain or discomfort. My insurance company paid for a good portion of it. ... (4 replies)

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