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... I've been a hospice volunteer for ten years now, every week I keep company to dying people either few months away from death or right at their last breath. BTW I am your age. ... (30 replies)
... I'm so glad you and your son are getting together. My brother had not contacted my dad for 20 years. When my dad was dying, my brother finally went to see him, and it brought new life to my dad. The doctors didn't expect him to live through the night. He live another 6 weeks. During that time, they shared alot, And was grateful for the time together. The past is the... (30 replies)
... Thank you. I've never been a religious person, my family was not religious, and the only times I've been inside a church were for funerals and weddings of certain friends of the family and other relatives. For me to suddenly become religious just because I am nearing the end of my existence is illogical. I have never believed in God, and for me to suddenly start... (30 replies)

... ort on the feelings of his life and son and final moments he has left on earth and he should be able to discuss them without religion CONSTANTLY being brought up from the last several posters...can we talk about what is really going on and not about what may happen later with "God"? ... (30 replies)
... Raging against the dying light may seem poetic, but it's downright torturous if death is an impending personal experience. ... (30 replies)
... perhaps 'guardian angels'. I can't explain it, but it just happens from time to time and I know it's real. Without realizing it, I'll bet that you have suddenly had something come to your mind sort of telling you what to do. ... (30 replies)
... My Uncle died just a few years older fighting cancer for 5 years. ... (30 replies)
... Unfortunately, I think it will simply be a fading into black nothingness as whatever made my personality from a collection of brain cells breaks down as the brain cells die off. ... (30 replies)
... I am definitely feeling the symptoms of this cancer now. I am afraid it is moving quickly towards a conclusion. ... (30 replies)
... Hi Jm I am like you, not a believer. I envy people who find comfort in their religion but I am not one of them. My brother-in-law had pancreatic cancer. They did the Whipple surgery on him and it got him a couple of extra years. He passed away without pain. The trip to Hawaii is a good idea and I am glad your son agreed to meet with you. Be very honest with him and accept... (30 replies)
... my family to scatter my ashes at a place called Luna Lake, near Alpine, Arizona. It was my favorite place to go fishing. I plan on going there after I get back from Hawaii to go fishing there one last time. ... (30 replies)
... I just try some miracle vitamin or some other nonsense, that I will pull out of this. But I've been to two doctors and both of them told me the same thing. The cancer has spread, and I am down to a few months at best. ... (30 replies)
... let his mom win all the arguments, and just let the time pass by, and not do what I needed to do. I'm not a very confrontational kind of person. I shrink away from fights and verbal arguments. And I got busy with a career that ended up going absolutely nowhere. I was a real estate agent. ... (30 replies)
... I hope you contact your son and can meet with him. As someone who had an "absent" father, I would have loved for him to contact me before he passed away. He never did. Make the best of the months (maybe years) that are left. There must be someone you can share your feelings with and talk honestly about dying. People are probably uncomfortable about the subject so it may be... (30 replies)
... ANYTHING that I could remember him by that came from his mind, his heart. I have some of his belongings, but it's not the same. So please DO leave your son a video. And a letter, for that matter. ... (30 replies)
... My Mom died in 2007 from an accident. Losing her really tore me up inside. She's the one person I wish I could go to now to talk about all of this stuff. ... (30 replies)
My mum is dying
May 7, 2010
... My Mom is also dying from cancer, she was fine, then she started coughing up blood, she has cancer all over her body, she agreed to try radiation but all her hair fell out on Tuesday, she seems so frail all of the sudden and I see her actually fading away. ... (13 replies)
... Hi My mom died 3 months ago and now my dad is dying from lung and bone cancer and they lived in another state and I watched my mom disappear before my eyes and I cant take seeing my dad like that am I a bad daughter I am the only child and he and my mom were divorced. I have not had a chance to mourn my mom cause I am going through this again and I know that its not about... (3 replies)
... it is all very hard,i watched my dad die from cancer last year in october.both me and my mum cared for him and it was all to sureal. ... (17 replies)
... Princesssugar, I am so sorry this is happening to you and your dear husband. I have been through the same exact thing, but not with a spouse (my mother had stage IV colon cancer that spread, I loved her more than anyone in this world). It is good that you have Hospice there to talk to and to help make your husband as comfortable as possible. Continue to show him you... (3 replies)

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