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Let me preface this by saying that I have a dentist appointment in just a week, but I kind of have anxiety about health stuff so I just wanted to get my thoughts out there and see if anyone has experienced similar.

Anyway, history: I'm a 24 year old otherwise pretty healthy female. I exercise pretty regularly an have a good diet. I had braces when I was younger, have always loved my smile after the fact. Permanent retainers across my front upper four and front bottom six.

Within the last 9 months, I have noticed gum recession mostly in the triangles in between my teeth. For instance, there is a little "black triangle" now between my two front teeth, large enough that air and spit go through there when I speak (how annoying).

The last two weeks though, I have noticed that my front teeth (all the ones my permanent retainers are connected to) seem like they are loose? I can feel them them moving ever so slightly when I press my tongue or lips against them when I'm talking or when I'm brushing my teeth. But when I try to see if I can wiggle them with my fingers, I can't really tell if they are moving or not! I also do have some sensitivity (ranges from dull ache to sometimes shooting pains) and just a weird floating feeling in the teeth.

I recently went off birth control and have not got back into a normal pattern after two months of being off it (that's its own issue), and my mom thinks it could be hormonal changes? Not sure.

Anyway, I'm terrified I have periodontitis and just haven't know it. I go in for regular dentist cleanings-- is it possible to develop that within 6 months?! If i have bone loss... what would happen next?! I'm freaking out. All of this is making me super self-conscious, although to look at my teeth, I don't think anyone would think there is anything wrong.

Anyone have a similar experience or wisdom to share?

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