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I believe it's because of the lack of calcium but I'm not 100% sure. I know what you are talking about those clear see thru areas on your teeth. I have some too but I'm not worried about it. Our front teeth are fairly thin. Just becareful not to bite on something hard with your front teeth. And no there is no treatment unless you want to crown or do vaneers which is insane if there is nothing wrong with the teeth.
I have that problem mine is from years of bulimia. After I made myself stop it was to late the damage was already done. The worst teeth are the 2 top front ones. The bottoms of them are see through so that if I put my tongue up behind them you see the color of my tongue. Not much I can do excpet get them crowned. can not even get veneers as there is nothing for them to bond too. The top of them by the gum line are fine but still not enough to get veneers. *sigh*

My dentist said that people develop the low enamel through bad genes too. Some people just get it.


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