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Can anyone give me input on how a couple of rotten teeth could effect your body? I have 3-4 teeth that are in pretty bad shape. Two are broken in half, & one wisdom tooth isn't visible anymore. Just the roots are left. I've been having ongoing pain for quite sometime now, & i'm planning to have them removed soon. But, I've been feeling terrible lately, no energy, & my hands tremble alot everyday. Could these bad teeth be causing me to feel this way? Could they be poisoning my blood? I'm 38 y/o & i shouldn't feel like i'm 60. Any input would be appreciated! Rob
Yes, to all your questions. Please see a dentist this week. I'd also get a physical, by your family doctor. All the best.
Definately see your dentist soon. I have a friend who had very very bad teeth. She ended up in the hospital last year due to her teeth being so decayed. She was told to have them pulled, and after finishing her anitibiotics she never went back. She wound up back in the hospital about six weeks ago, with the same problem.The doctor told her that she had poisoning so bad throughout her body from the teeth, that he was surprised that it had not affected her kidneys yet.She finally went to the dentist last week.Look at it this way, they are not going to get better on there own, and you won't feel better till you do something about it.Good luck.
I made an appointment with a new dentist today. One of the things the receptionist asked me was if I realized how my rotten teeth could be impacting the rest of my body. Thanks for posting replies that helped me to decide that I needed to do something. Who knows? Maybe it'll help me with other problems that I'm having.
Good luck.
Yes, Shell, I hope it does help other health concerns you may've had!!
Ok, not to sound stupid, but what does rotten teeth have to do with out health problems? i've had a broken tooth, lower side tooth that is black, pretty much it is broken at the gum line with just part of the tooth sticking up. this has been like this for a good 5 or so years. i also have a upper left wisdom tooth that i broken into pieces over the years and my boyfriend said the part of the tooth that was still there was on the gray side, but the rest of the tooth was black. that has been about 3 years.

i know my dad had bad teeth my entire life and he lost most of them before i was 27 and he only had 5 pulled, rest he finally pulled when they got too loose. i just don't see how problems with teeth can affect the rest of your health.

can someone explain this to me?
I never had quote rotten teeth either. Mine were breakjing off because they were too chalky. My friend had badly decayed teeth. Her gums would bleed really bad also, and she was swallowing the blood, and the decay can cause poisoning that gets into your system, also into the bloodstream.She suffered from bad nausea, vomiting, and very high fevers also.
Best of luck to you. I've heard that this situation can poision your whole system. I am sending you lots of "good vibes" that you get the situation resolved quickly and you're feeling better soon. I had a friend in a similiar situation that was shocked at how healthy he felt after he dealt with the teeth! Godspeed! :wave:
Ear pain and tooth pain.. Doctor and Dentist see nothing wrong.... What could this be? I'm tired of paying my copays and no results.... Is there a holistic approach to this? Help please... :confused: Thanks.

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