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... ng with dentures, but I did a little research into the matter and discovered that I didn't want to go that route. I think what your dentist's assistant meant by dentures messing up your face is that having no teeth ages it quicker than if you still had teeth. When a tooth is gone, the bone above or below the tooth wears away... ... (8 replies)
... Hi, to keep costs down for implants maybe even. Dentures, try to find a dental school in your area. Don't worry they are overseen by dentists but work is usually done in 3-4 hr blocks. Also, I thought with dentures, they make them. Pull ur teeth and your are to wear them for 24 hrs straight to keep swelling dowm. You get them right away. (8 replies)
... I'm a 29 year old female and Im seriously considering dentures because I'm extremely over all o the dental issues I've been dealing with since my teens. ... (8 replies)

... I am 29 years old and after many years of pain and rotting teeth I finally found a dentist to remove all my upper teeth and fit a denture. ... (3 replies)
Dentures at 36
Mar 19, 2012
... Hello, I am 29 and i have a whole mouth full of rotten teeth.My dad just walked in the door from having his remaining 7 teeth pulled and upper dentures installed today.I am so embarrassed about my teeth i try not to ever smile and when i do i hold my hand over my mouth. ... (5 replies)
Dentures at 36
Mar 17, 2012
... You're not alone. I'm a 29 year old with full dentures. My dentist has been awesome, I saw him every day for the first week I had them in. ... (5 replies)
... I'm a 29 year old male who just recently opted for dentures. I've had a terrible time since my early teen years with breaking teeth, infections, and poor oral health. ... (1 replies)
... and while I was without my uppers for a half day, I was way more satisfied when I got them back. I've heard that most dentists will do minor adjustments on your dentures until they fit well. My mom also has dentures, and has had them filed down several times. ... (4 replies)
... lower dentures ... or go with the full makeover of crowns. The procedure for the crowns is extremely expensive ... ... (5 replies)
... Lower dentures, by nature, have less retention that upper dentures. This is because the lower dentures do not get the suction effect that the upper dentures get from the palate. So, your lower denture may move around some, and you may need to use an adhesive. ... (4 replies)
... He is now 79 and I have NEVER seen him without his teeth in. He has had 1 adjustment in the past 58 years and they look great! I no doubt will be looking at dentures in my future and I know it will also be a very difficult decision. I can't remember a time when I could comfortably chew on both sides of my mouth. ... (4 replies)
... denture will look 100 times better than my "God given teeth." I sure hope so. From what I've read and learned from my dentist and oral surgeon, however, lower dentures are the hardest to get accustomed to. I'm really worried about that. ... (4 replies)
... If they are all below the gums, I would not worry about them at all. There would be no decay if they have not erupted yet. As for the changing minds, dentistry is not a cut and dry profession. There are many ways to treat the same thing. If you get 3 dentists in a room, you will get 4 different opinions, all within standard of care. I am not sure, but in your case it... (18 replies)
... it is sunday 03/29/09.i had all 11 upper teeth extracted on monday,that was 6 days ago.all in all,it turned out better then i had imagined it would be.the day after was very uneventful,i used salt water rinses 8 times a day for the last 5 days and the dentist says they are healing very nicely.the pain from the extractions is completely i am developing sores where the... (17 replies)
Dentures at 22!
Jul 29, 2004
... hi letfayhol if you are only 29, why not look into getting implants - they will not damage your remaining teeth, like a partial (my partial cracked 2 of my remaining teeth and they needed big fillings). im 20 yrs older than you but im still not ready for full dentures, and will not let a partial ruin my remaining teeth, so im getting the rest of my mouth in shape (root... (23 replies)
Dentures at 22!
Jul 28, 2004
... I will need to get a full upper, because the brackets of the partial are wearing down the remaining teeth. I was 24 when I got mine done. I am 29 now. I still have not got use to the "unnatural" teeth. ... (23 replies)
... tter fit recently, after my grandmother talked him into getting a new set. And don't get me wrong, it's rather embarrassing to say that I'm thinking about having dentures before I even hit 30. ... (10 replies)
... at left me with 9 natural teeth on bottom. I have had numerous teeth pulled in the past. I had only 21 natural teeth when I started this journey. I had immediate dentures placed in the top the day of the extractions. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, I had new fillings falling out. I as so upset and thought it was ridiculous! (8 replies)
... I would make a long term plan, look at your strongest teeth, decide which ones you can keep, crown, maybe get a couple implants. My 5 implants on the top front are over 12k. I had 4 crowns put on the front lower, $4500. Insurance pays for implants thank God. But next we've got to tackle the back teeth. All my gums are receding, you can see bottoms of old crowns, I don't... (8 replies)

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