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how to kill an exposed nerve in a tooth
Two words Root Canal!
[QUOTE=katiemak;3417387]how to kill an exposed nerve in a tooth[/QUOTE]

clove oil works really well! With me it seemed to make it hurt even worse for a few minutes then it slowly stopped hurting. A dentist told us about this. he said it will KILL the nerve.

Hope this helps
Sometimes the nerve will die on it's own, but while it's exposed, it will be extremely painful. Oddly enough, exposure to cold/ice (if you can stand it) can actually make the nerve shrink (not exactly, but I can't think of another word) and it will stop hurting. This is pretty rare, however.
Yes use clove oil.

All the teeth on my bottom left hand jaw became hypersensitive to the point I could not handle the pain. I couldn't eat, move, talk. If I opened my front door the air would set it off. The pain was like severe shooting burning on the front and in between my teeth at gum level and was causing electric shocks in my face, lips and nose. There was nothing wrong with the teeth on Xray.
It was just exposed roots.

I had three teeth killed and root canalled and have no pain at all.
One dentist saw that the problem was seriously affecting my life - I couldn't go outside or to the office and was working from hom.

Then it started happening to the 4th tooth. I did not want to kill all of my teeth. This is my canine tooth and the root was exposed with a dent in it from brushing. The pain was burning my lip but not as bad as before.
I tried desensitising solution but it didn't work.

I then bought some Clove oil and used a tiny application brush I got from the dentist to apply it.

Clove oil can damage your gums with prolonged use and is toxic to cells so you have to find somethng suitable to put it on with. Cotton bud is ok but you can't get it right down under the gum level.

It cured the pain instantly. If you use it alot it does start to kill the nerve. For sensitive teeth this is great.

It's better than having a root canal which completely kills the tooth and causes more physical damage and may lead to infection a few years later and eventually extraction.

Any dentist will tell you, take the least damaging option.

Yes it can kill nerves but if the pain is so bad you can't handle it this is the least damaging option so long as you take care to apply it acurately and try to avoid getting it on the gum around your tooth.
where do you get this clove oil at? and it is expensive?
I used ground cloves and put them in my tooth. It did work...but it took a couple of days. The first night I used it, I still couldn't sleep because of the pain. I kept putting the ground cloves on my tooth all day, and slept like a baby the next night! I still have a little pain, but it doesn't keep me up all night anymore.

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