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Susan, I will try to answer your questions as best that I can. Please remember that everyone is different and what does or doesn't work for me may not be the same for you. Definitely do a lot of talking with your dentist and a lot of research on your own too.

I am missing all of my molars - top and bottom. About three years ago I got the bottom partial - the standard, metal kind. While it felt very heavy in my mouth, especially after wearing for a long time, it did work and fit very well.

This past summer I went through a bout of very bad teeth problems - infections and failed root canals done years before resulting in having five teeth extracted over a period of two months. We had, at the time, moved to another state. I found a great dentist who recommended the Valplast partials for lighter weight and looks. We began with replacing the lower partial while the top gums healed. I never felt that it fit right nor was comfortable and wore it only for eating.

The top partial came in and was totally wrong and had to be sent back. Last week the new one came in and I was not happy with that one either. I had another meeting with my dentist and we decided to go back to harder, metal dentures. Below are the reasons why:

- the Valplast partials have a gum colored hook that go over the gums as opposed to the other partials that have a silver hook that goes around a tooth. I found the Valplast hook to be very uncomfortable - rubbing against my gums all the time and pushing up or down and into my gums each time I tried to chew. Those are difficult to file down and get comfortable.

- The Valplast partials are not hard like the other kind and tend to slip when chewing thus pressing into the soft tissue of the gums. Attempting to adjust that was very, very difficult. My dentist confirmed that that was what was happening.

- They are twice as expensive!! My most kind and caring dentist is giving me the new, metal ones at cost after everything I have been through.

- The Valplast partials can be adjusted with heat or cold, so often wondered if they were expanding and contracting depending on what I was eating or the temperature of the water when I was rinsing them before use.

- Other teeth can not be added to a Valplast partial should that be required in the future and they are much more expensive.

- I found that the harder, metal partials stayed in place much better, fit better, and gave me very few problems. After all of my dental work, dealing with more pain is just not acceptable. I have not really been able to eat for the past seven months and I am ready to get my life back.

My dentist has a patient who has used the Valplast for 20 years with no problems. So there must be people that they work well for. There is the issue of seeing the metal hooks. However, they were barely noticable with my old ones and I will gladly trade seeing a few metal hooks for being able to eat again. I doubt I am ever going to love having partials, however, I am definitely looking for the best comfort I can find. The slippage of the Valplast was something I was not going to get used to. The harder ones fit over the gums with a harder material that does not seem to cause those issues for me. Sore spots are to be expected with any new partial, however, the Valplast ones are harder to correct according to my dentist and once material is taken off of them it can not be put back as it can with the other kind.

I would definitely do lots of talking with your dentist and lots of research. Everyone is different and you can not base your decision on my experience. However, I do wonder if the Valplast works better with fewer teeth required and with less sensitive gums. I am sure people will question my dentist after reading this, but I can assure you that he is excellent and works with a very good lab. Maybe someone will give you a different opinion who has had very good luck with them. You can also find information online. For me, newer was not always better, and it is difficult to make the right decisions. I was swayed by the thought of them being lighter, but lighter meant slippage for me and wow, I don't want any more mouth pain!!

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions. Good luck to you. I am so sorry you are facing all of this. It is hard, I know. But, you will get through it.


I am sorry to say that I had to wait three months for my gums to heal before the impressions could be made for the partials. It is a long wait. I think some dentists do them right away, but my dentist said that as your gums and mouth heal that things shift and change so that it would then require another partial being made. I had another dentist tell me the same thing. I also think that some dentists will do a temporary one so you might want to ask about that, but that is more expense. Depending on where you live, it can take between a week to a month before the partials come in. It seems long, but it is also worth it to have everything done right so that they fit right. Trying to rush things only makes matters worse in the long run.

I know it is scary especially as it is all unknown to you. A great deal of it is still an unknown for me too, even after all of this work. It does require time and patience and trying to keep a good attitude.

When are you getting the extractions done? Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I am happy to help any way that I can.

Hey...have you ever heard of the Flexite partial? I'm reading about them right now and it sounds pretty interesting.

Can you tell I'm doing some research;)

What's taking so long for your partials? How the heck are you eating? What are you eating??? I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Did the dentist say that the TMJ may go away after you have the partial? I can't remember if you mentioned this or not, but did your dentist recommend the Valplast? I've been reading that some people just can't use them. Period. Me thinks you might be one of them. Can I assume you've had to pay for 2 different sets of partials now? That would really upset me.
Yes, it really was encouraging to have the new partial plate seem to fit so well. I am reserving judement though until the full thing is complete. Do ask about your dentist about the new, lighter, metal material. Anything that feels lighter in your mouth is a benefit.

I am still dealing with lots of TMJ issues, so very anxious to get the new partials to see if that helps. None of this has been easy, but at least I feel that I am moving forward a bit. My dentist hopes, along with me, that the new partials will get my mouth back in line and alleviate the symptoms. All fingers are crossed!!

How are you eating? Are you doing OK? It is so difficult to eat without teeth and to find things that are appealing. I have found that taste is so important. It doesn't seem to matter as much if things are mushy as long as there is good taste. If you need any thoughts on this let me know. After seven months I now feel like a pro on what to eat!!

Glad you are doing so good. That is fantastic. One of these days we will both be pain free and "doing life" again as it should be.


Thanks for your thoughts on the new babies. Wow, that was an instand pick me up!
I have valplast lower partial. Also, I have a full upper plate.(it is 9 yrs. old) I have had partials in the past, but I never had one that was this hard to adapt to. I had my tooth pulled in October. I had to wait until new year for insurance purposes to get my partial. I had a regular partial prior with metal clasps prior to this. With the extra tooth pulled the metal clasps would be too noticeable. So, I opted for the Valplast. I can tolerate with some benzodent. However, I cannot eat more than soft food with it. I have gone for three adjustments already. My dental clinic is 50 miles from me. I am tired of going back for adjustments. I am fine, except for when I eat. I don't know if this will be okay in time. I do not know if I need another adjustment. When I am not eating, I have no problems with it. I do not want to go back to traditional partial. Actually, I am probably not far off from a full lower plate. I only have 8 teeth left. Does anyone think that I need another adjustment? Or, is it that I need to learn to eat with this partial?
You're impressive with your knowledge with partial dentures I have a perio. condition
My dentist is also for flexible type partial
I have 3 teeth on one side of upper jaw extracted and 4 teeth on other upper jaw extracted,
Also right upper front tooth to be extracted ,later, in all I have 7 upper front left
in upper jaw

I have trouble thinking of getting full upper dentures as my dentist says
the bone in roof of mouth would need surgery to ware full dentures
? for you

1-Upper back teeth how does the partial. denture stay in place only to be
Clamped to 2 teeth in the front.? jaw teeth have been extracted. Both sides

2 Should I consider a Flipper? To only replace the front tooth once it's extracted
or consider medal partial dentures to replace all missing teeth?
With the perio condition of my mouth?

Thanks for any info.
R. Lethco
I presently am missing just a few teeth. I never got my second bicuspids. They just never came in. so I am just missing my 2 bicuspids on my upper, and I am going to have to have a molar on my upper right pulled, because of a periodental pocket abscess. I will also have to have a upper left 1st bicuspid pulled, cause it has a root canal, and it would be too brittle to clasp to. So in essence I will be missing my #3 upr rt first molar, #4 upr rt second bi #12 upr left 1st bi and #13 upr 2nd bi Now I will need some type of partial, and my dentist thinks the hard partial is best. My girlfriend works for a dentist and all he does is these valplast partials, and has had grest success. She says there is very little adjustment ever. So what I am wondering if anyone out there, that has a valplast partial, with just a few teeth on it, to let me know how they are working out? Thanks!
When I wrote the following I'd just read a post from someone who told of having both upper & lower dentures--I'm new to this website. I don't know where his post went...when I got thru writing mine & returned the above post regarding the
person w/missing teeth appeared. Hoo, hah. Well, anyway,
I originally got on this site to ask if anyone knew of a trusted source other than the one in N.Y. for ordering Valclean. It is the only cleaner I use and wish I could buy it locally.
I have had my Valplast partial upper denture for almost 5 yrs. It was a bit uncomfortable
at first, but one advantage of the Valplast is that you can bend the pink part to adjust to your mouth. I did and the sore spot healed and there was no more pain. I had a metal
partial before, and I think the Valplast is superior as it is lighter weight and fits so well you don't have to use an adhesive to keep it in place. Since you
said you have both upper & lower that may be the problem w/why you aren't
happy w/your Valplast.

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