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As is clearly presented in my name, I am a TMJ sufferer. I have a splint that wear nightly and I brush and floss regularly and go to my dentist twice a year making sure to mention any strange new things.

I've noticed that my teeth feel like they're moving. When I've gone to the dentist, they've stated none of my teeth are mobile (loose or moving), but they still [I]feel[/I] like they're moving, or more directly, my teeth [I]feel[/I] loose... but they're not. I carefully push them with my finger, and they only move ever so slightly (just like every tooth is designed to), but with a soft, nigh inaudible click. When I push them with my tongue, once again, no real movement, but the same clicking sound/feeling.

Sometimes after eating, it effects my front teeth as well, which receive no contact at all due to the design of my splint. When I push at the soft palate above the front teeth, they click as well, but only for a while.

Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone had a dentist give a definitive answer as to what this may be? Is it a serious problem or yet another unwelcome affliction of TMJD that we must simply live with?

P.S. To the moderator: Sorry for bumping the old topic! Is it ok if I link it?

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