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I've just noticed while feeling around my lower gum a hard, white lump. Its fairly large, and looks almost like a tooth is coming through, but it's at the front left of my mouth (not where wisdom teeth normally come through), and there is also whiteness under my 2 front teeth.

I do suffer from mouth ulcers a lot, which the doctor in the past has put down to stress (along with the eye infections, headaches etc), but these are not like ulcers, none of them are painful (jaw is hurting slightly, hence me feeling around my bottom gum).

Admittedly my dental hygene could be better, and I'm wondering whether it could be gum disease, though being a bit of a hypochondriac recently I'm also worrying that it could be something more serious, like mouth cancer. However, I don't smoke and never have, and I don't drink much, both of which I understand are causes are mouth cancer.

Also, and this is probably unrelated, occasionally when I've had something to eat I get one (sometimes more) small lump(s) on my throat (in fact I can feel one slightly now). They're only tiny, pimple-like spots, but can sometimes be painful. I assumed this was probably a reaction to some types of food due to them flaring up after eating, but now I'm not quite sure.

Can anyone give me any advice on this? I need to make an appointment with the dentist anyway as I need some fillings and possibly a tooth out, but would like to know whether I need to get sorted more urgently.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I'll be watching your post damo, I wish I had an answer for you, because I have the same thing... under one of my teeth on the bottom row (second to the middle?) I have a hard white 'bump' showing through the gum. It's been there since last summer, and my dentist noticed it (I didn't notice it prior to the dentist mentioning it), and he asked if it hurt (which it doesn't). I somewhat think this may be due to gum disease (what else could cause it?) and I'm good with flossing/brushing since discovering this, but I was horrible about both previously.
It could be a boney Tori. Tori are extra bone that sometimes grows along your jaw. If it is, they are benign. They typically develop over a period of years. I have had two removed because they got very large and I had food catching between them and my gum. Try doing an internet search for more information to see if it matches your symptoms.
Thank you for the suggestion Mountain. Was it bone that was through the gums? Mine is covered by a layer of skin, and is not really protruding/sticking out. It is a bit raised above the skin around it, but it's almost like a fingernail to a finger, if that makes sense.
I think you may be right that this is what I have. I looked at some pictures. Mine isn't protruding, yet. It's consistent with my dental history of grinding my teeth too. Tori or Torus. I found a bunch of info, thank you so much :)
I have the tooth grinding too. I have worn an occlusal guard for years. If it is a tori (torus) it is harmless. It is just extra bone that has grown where it isn't needed. I just ended up having mine removed because they had gotten so big over the years.

If that is what you have, glad I could be of help.
It's appreciated :) My dentist had done panoamic (sp?) xray, I had several dozens of xrays in the last year because I'm also a TMJ sufferer, and when my dentist looked he didn't even suggest it was anything. It doesn't hurt, so no doubt it's nothing but a tori ;)

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