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My upper left teeth are moving outwards, this is happening to my molars and left incisor. Getting a bigger gap between my front teeth almost daily. The teeth on this side feel like they are getting pushed down and away at the same time.
Palate and gums on this side feel like they are stretching, pain is like a soar throat but im not sick. When a noticeable movement happens, my jaw joint seems stiff and snaps a lot on this side.
Wisdom teeth were removed about 6 months ago because of this, and it did nothing to help my problem.
My oral surgeon noticed something in my sinuses in an x-ray and sent me to my primary care fore more tests.
Had CT scan done that showed a mucous retention cyst in my left maxilary sinus. The ENT said this is common/minor, has nothing to do with my teeth moving and told me to go see my dentist again.
I do not have gum disease, not missing any teeth aside from wisdoms.
I do grind my teeth at night and try to be aware of what they are doing during the day. Since the shifting of my teeth happens during the day and at night I dont think that grinding is the cause, its just adding to my problem.

This started about 2 years ago when i was chewing something hard and felt/heard a loud pop from my left side. Not sure if this was my jaw or teeth, but things have been getting worse since then.
After this pop, i chipped a filling and had the same one re-filled 2 times until i realized there is something bigger happening.

Anyone with useful info on this? My primary care referred me to another ENT/allergy specialist at this point, but the appointment is a month away.

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