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I just feel so depressed about everything that is going on. I got braces put on 2 months ago because I grind my teeth at night. I looked in the mirror a few weeks ago and noticed that my front left tooth is becoming translucent on the side and when I looked at it with the flashlight I noticed another crack in the tooth. It looks like the part of the tooth that is see through is where the crack is and now im scared it will break off... I also saw a horizontal crack going from the bracket to the edge of the tooth. I think my braces are causing more cracks to form.. My dentist gave me this paste to use its called gc mi paste its supposed to help with teeth that the enamel is thinning and make them stronger.. the yellow color is still there and I know its because of the enamel being thinner. She also talked about adding bonding to my front teeth because they are becoming thin. and adding bonding on my canine teeth because I have been grinding them down. I grind my teeth and it has worn out my front teeth. I am kinda nervous about getting this done because I already have bonding on one of my teeth and I don't really like it as you know. but I am scared if I don't get the bonding on my front teeth they will continue to wear away. When I go out in the sun you can see right through my teeth and the yellowness color is so pronounced I hate it....If I do get bonding I probably will have to have it replaced more than once and that will be a pain. I just don't know what to do.....I want to have my natural teeth for a long time.. and not have all this stuff in my mouth. Why cant I just have nice full white teeth like everyone else????

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