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Armywife has a lot of good advice there. Listen, you're going to be fine. Being depressed about dental stuff is normal. When I found out I would need my four front top teeth out I was depressed as H*ll! I do understand! It was a nightmare come true. I cried and cried. BUT, and that's a big but, you are not loosing any more of your teeth. They look fine. Nothing you have had done so far is that out of the ordinary. It's normal for wisdom teeth to need extraction around your age so forget about them. They are rudimentary teeth and not really useful. The softness in your teeth allowing them to fail can be a combination of genetics and what you eat. If you eat highly refined sugar products, stop eating as many and rinse with plain water after you eat. Then, all you have to do is get yourself to square one in restoration and that is what you are doing.

It's really not unusual to have as much work done as you by your age. As far as dental work, you really haven't had a lot at all and you're taking care of it. Kudos for that!!

I think the most important thing for you is to try and relax about all this. What you are having done is not a lot. Once you get the molars crowned you'll be fine as long as you keep up a good home oral hygiene regiment.

You seem to be focusing on your dental health, but when someone obsesses this much, there is usually something else going on to produce such anxiety. I urge you to explore this as your anxiety is making you miserable, not your teeth.

Your teeth are fine. Your anxiety is not. I looked carefully at your photographs and I see nothing there to produce the anxiety you are having over them. I don't think your dentist does either. So,...once you figure out exactly why you have such anxiety and are directing it toward your teeth, you will be able to relax more about them.

Try picking the anxiety apart. You say you fear your teeth are rotting. I see no such evidence of that at all. The extractions and root canals you have had are perfectly normal for someone that has had dental caries and impacted wisdom teeth. You are getting all that fixed.

Don't you trust your dentist?

I am sure if there was something serious going on they would have told you.
Getting crowns on those teeth will fix them up fine. You have to trust that your dentist is doing what you need done. YOU just have to keep your restored mouth in good shape when the dentist is finished. You can do this easily. Your teeth will be fine if you treat them well. Just like anything else in your life if you ignore them, they will go away.

You're not ignoring your teeth. You are getting them in fine shape. Once it's done, your mouth health will be up to you. Have confidence in yourself that you can take care of them.

None of this is easy when you are right in the middle of it, but you can and will be successful because you care about your looks and your health....right?

Try writing down every single thing that stresses you out about your teeth. Rotting simply can't be one of them anymore because you are taking care of that with crowns.
Don't stress about your wisdom teeth either. Many of us have had all of them out by age 21. In all probability your wisdom teeth created many of the problems, as most of us find out with molars that have cavities near them. They have a tendency to crowd other teeth making them vulnerable to all sorts of things.

All of this is a normal 22 y/o mouth. You get the wisdom teeth extracted and any others that they have affected. Then you crown the others. All the things you are doing. You are not alone in this. MANY have traveled the exact same road as you and have come away with brilliant smiles. You will, too!

Treat your anxiety and the rest will fall into place. I urge you to do this because when your teeth are finished there is always the possibility you will turn to something else to obsess over. It's important to treat your anxiety and the hypochondria that you say you suffer from.

Just get a good routine going for your dental care. Do it faithfully without fail! I remember exactly where you are when I had all my dental problems and I can tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The obsessing will end and you will have a great smile. Just be sure the pan anxiety ends also.

Relax Devil's fan (me, too!). Take in a game and smile. This will all be OK and your mouth restored to health. Your teeth won't rot away. And, I think you have a brilliant smile already. Sometimes we have to go through the motions to get to the Emotions.
Put on a smile and pretend for awhile if you have to. The real smile will come. I promise.

My very best to you,
hit a low yesterday again :( was doing good the entire week. girlfriend is home for spring break and been spending time with her. looked in the mirror and see that my 2 of my front teeth are chipped at the top a teeny bit so they are uneven. afraid something is going to happen and that my gums are receeding. its hard to look at my girlfriends perfect smile, no cavities etc and then think of mine in my head. i have to hide what im thinking. im going to the therapist again today and the 19th is the first permanent crown. this is probably the most stress i have ever put myself through. i dont want to leave my house until the teeth issues i have now are taken care off. wish this would all blow by but none of my friends know or can feel what im going through. feels like im back to square one. just want to cry. alot of the random pains have gone away after i was feeling a bit better about myself. but looking at my brown teeth which have shifted a bit, and stained brownish color, cant tell if its lost enamel or just stained, it just leading me to feel like im hopeless. where did i go wrong. i cant even think about a happy afraid to eat. afraid to sleep because im afraid if i sleep with my mouth open it will continously dry out, mouth closed i will clench my teeth from being nervous. i just have a grim outlook for these teeth :( 22 and still scared. that thought of dentures does not stop running through my mind at this age. why do bad things happen to good people :(

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