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... I just find it weird that she missed something like this. I did swallow a lot when she was working on my teeth which might have caused her to slip and hit my gums. Again, I was so numb at the time, I don't possibly think I could have felt that. ... (0 replies)
... filling in the tooth that was extracted? ... (8 replies)
... All the pain has gone away entirely. I still have that black stuff in the socket, though. ... (8 replies)

... I recently had my tooth pulled, and on the gum where the tooth formerly was, there's this black stuff. Every now and then, I'll get a bad taste in my mouth, and presumably it's because of this. Does anyone know what it could be? ... (8 replies)
... I have a huge concern. A few weeks ago I woke up and there was black "flakes" on the bottom of my teeth. I thought it was leftover pieces from when I ate corn on the cob the night before so I brushed it off and didn't think anything of it. ... (1 replies)
... don't worry, they will dissolve and disappear on their own over a few days due to your own saliva. ... (8 replies)
... Usually a sign something is wrong would be pain (thobbing, aching, etc), inflamation or redness or puffiness, inability for the area to heal, infection (pus), etc. I would leave it alone and try and forget about it for a while and let nature take its course. If you see signs of the aforementioned symptoms then return to your dentist and have him check it out. It generally... (8 replies)
... The dentist never advised when I should brush again. I waited two days. I was given a list saying what I should and shouldn't do and for how long. Brushing was never mentioned, but everything that it advised against was either for 6 or 24 hours. I waited an extra day just to be safe. I'm not going for a follow-up visit. He did say to come back if I had any problems (he said... (8 replies)
... Could it be packing the dentist left in the socket? I would be careful not to irritate it, and call the dentist for instructions first. (8 replies)
... I am not sure you need something as harsh as Listerine - it contains alcohol and can dry out the gums and muscus memberane of your mouth and what you need now is moisture so the blood disolves and is removed naturally. Maybe try a natural rinse like Toms or one that is made to heal mouth sores or can be used after surgery. If the area where the extraction is has healed you can... (8 replies)
... It's been a few days and it's still there. Also, I've been gargling with Listerine a lot. I stopped using salt water after the 2nd day or so. (8 replies)
... So I know none of us are or may be doctors, dentists, etc. but I figured I'd come here! So I got one of my upper wisdom teeth out yesterday, well on my right side. They didn't have to stitch and gave me gauze and a pain relief medicine in case. ... (3 replies)
... Last week a part of my tooth crumbled and fell out whilst i was eating.It was very unexpected, i have no pain no sensitivity, nothing. Apart from the missing part i feel completely the same. ... (0 replies)
Bottom teeth
May 15, 2012
... to scrape all that black stuff and bacteria growing in the pockets out. ... (1 replies)
... it was a VERY bad smell and taste like the hole was rotting or something. I had a dry socket but it didn't hurt, I've been back and they keep putting this brown stuff in it and gauze on top of that. Well the smell isn't strong anymore and neither is the taste so I'm guessing it's healing, although it doesn't look like it! ... (6 replies)
... hence the bruise! She was obviously happy with the crown and the black line as she never mentioned anything. She never hands me a mirror so I didn't see here handywork until I got back to my flat. ... (4 replies)
... its a molar the second tooth from the back on the bottom right side and the dentist is doing another xray next week to see if the antibotics will help so he must think they might I dont know anything about this stuff I just want healthy teeth (4 replies)
... Hello everyone. I have a broken tooth. It's one of the bigger, middle ones, on the bottom. It doesn't hurt, but it looks bad cause it's all black and stuff. I don't know what to do. I've never been to a dentist before. I've always had crooked teeth so I never really paid any attention to dental care. ... (1 replies)
... it was like a black cloud over my head. i got 2 pulled 10 days ago... top and bottom. ... (16 replies)
... in terms of bloodflow from the wisdom tooth area. I am FINALLY able to get some sleep since the last few days. ... (3 replies)

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