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... When your dentist removes teeth, he had to twist them out of the jawbone. At times this can lead to small fractures and the bone breaks off and starts coming up through your gums. ... (2 replies)
... nd the other a bit more aggressive. I just wanted the fasted way to healing so I think the Aggresive guy was for me. In just the 2 days since my last post, the gums have covered the bone some more. I know loose fragments are normal but I was chipping small pieces off the solid Jaw bone. Anyways all is well I think. ... (7 replies)
... p visit. He thought that it was part of the tooth. What it was was the bone. The oral surgeon said that had never happened to one of his patients before. The bone was supposed to lie back down flat over where the tooth was removed. Instead, it flipped out and protruded towards his cheek. ... (7 replies)

Bone shards...
Apr 10, 2004
... massage your gum with vitamin capsules broken open to get the stuff out or use aloe. You need to put pressure on the gums where the bone shards are coming through to move them along. Sometimes you can grab them with tweezers and yank them out. Call the dentist anyway. ... (4 replies)
... You are right about these boards being lifesavers. I never would have made it through 72 weeks of torture on my hepatits treatments had it not been for my friends that I have met at med help. Or this past week without having met you. ... (11 replies)
... et some vitamin E capsules and open them up and rub that on your gums, it will make them feel better and help healing. If you run that area on your gum where the bone is coming through it may help get it out. I am sort of surprised he did not want to "help" you out with it. ... (3 replies)
... Had bottom wisdom teeth removed a year ago at age 37. Dr, said I have alot of boney growth on the sides of the gums. well now all of a sudden some small bone is coming through on the left side and it hurts. ... (0 replies)
... I got my upper denture,first and had it made before my teeth were pulled,then they put them right in after surgery,boy was that a bad move. I had bone splitters that cause the denture to rub sores and had to go to my family doc to have the places coritorized for them to heal,very painful. ... (0 replies)
... u your history and all of that, and then I had Xrays. She then talked about what sort of plan I would like to have in place. She looked at my Xrays and then went through my mouth looking. She made a list of all the teeth that had to go, the minor work that needed done and everything. ... (3 replies)
... we decided to do the more traditional thing and let my gums heal, fashion some dentures, then once they healed, put implants back in, slated for a couple weeks from now. ... (6 replies)
... I have receding gums on the bottom two front teeth that has turned black and those teeth are coming out but what scares me is, what happens to the black gums when the teeth are removed? ... (2 replies)
Shattered Jaw?
May 8, 2007
... Apparently I wasn't clear in my description of the problem. I can understand fragments remaining in the tooth sockets, but this problem is NOT coming from the sockets or the socket edges. ... (6 replies)
... I have a partial on top and am about to go through some scaling and planing on my gums and a possible root canal, and hopefully won't need that but a filling is definitely coming the same day. ... (11 replies)
... week both lowers were really hurting. It started to feel like a tooth was erupting! My husband thought I was out of my mind, but I could actually feel something coming out of the inner side of my gum! It took a few days, but once it broke through on one side, the pain was much less. It looked like a small tooth! ... (1 replies)
... to hurt to much, so dont have to get numbed up for a day. They are not to bad right now but then the week is still young. Even with the xrays these slivers or bone spurs although they feel like toothpick size are really tiny and hard to detect through all the blood and swelling. ... (492 replies)
... hey just seem to thick, and of course ... as the dentist told me, they won't fit exactly as they should for 6 months, after all the relines, swelling going down, bone shrinking ... etc. etc. ... (492 replies)
... Hi Queenb, glad to see you are coming along fine.I had the conscious IV sedation when I had my work done. ... (28 replies)
... i got those yellowish things to i dont know if they were peices of tooth or some kind of calluses but i kept playing with them and thay finally fell off that's weird about the excrutiating pain and then it going away i had dry socket and it hurt for days and went into my ear i went and had it repacked with clove oil that stuff is awesome pain was gone with in minutes hope this... (2 replies)
... this board while trying to find some place that would tell me whats going on with my wisdom tooth removal healing, but nothing yet and i dont have the time to go through the 100's of pages looking for my answer so ill start me a new thread. ... (2 replies)
... o take the denture out for longer periods of time. If you can take them out for a couple of minutes and put them back in they should be able to go back in after coming out long enough to give them a good cleaning, look into that bone or tooth fragment and give your mouth a good rinsing. ... (11 replies)

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