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... If it was Dentist number 1, is this dentist going to charge you to fix the decay under the root canal, or they will do it for free. ... (7 replies)
... A few days later the office manager called, said they looked at the xrays and there was definitely decay left during the root canal and that the dentist felt terrible and wanted to correct the situation.She said that they thought everything else looked fine. ... (7 replies)
... a crown on it. A root canal makes a tooth very brittle and weak. The biting forces on back teeth will eventually break a root canaled tooth without a crown. A filling won't do the job either. If needed, follow through with this asap. ... (7 replies)

... e days and didn't bother to call me to change our appointment for our meeting! The ladies working in the office thought I was just there today to get the chipped filling fixed. Needless to say I was very frustrated, I spoke with a "treatment coordinator" who appeared to be in charge today, and she was quite helpful thankfully. ... (7 replies)
... Not necessarily - there are 2 thoughts of school about spacing between teeth and crowns - some dentists feel its best not to tightly abut them to allow for normal mobility between teeth as too much pressure can cause problems to both the teeth and jaw, to allow food to pass between them and to provide for easier cleaning - others feel the exact opposite, keep them tightly... (1 replies)
... Without seeing the tooth and a radiograph, I can't entirely answer this question. If there is decay under the filling and it is close to the nerve, you may need a root canal and a crown. ... (4 replies)
... Drag. I never got the chance for that- all my fillings (old mercury ones) ended up with decay under them after 14 yrs, and they all had to come out (teeth-molars) YIKES!! (9 replies)
... I would be concerned that there is hidden decay under the filling and by crowning over it you are essentially sealing it in. I'd also ask exactly how it is saving you money and how much. ... (4 replies)
... dimensional object. If you have a filling on the top of the tooth and another filling on the cheek or tongue side of the tooth, the decay that may exist under the top filling would be covered by the filling of the side of the tooth. ... (17 replies)
... Replacing an old filling is not the wrong thing to do. Materials used to fill cavities are not as strong as enamel. ... (15 replies)
... I agree with you 100%. Are you in the field of dentistry? (15 replies)
... The truth is, amalgam fillings should not be replaced by white fillings unless there is a clinical reason for it. If there is recurrent decay under the amalgam or you are not pleased with the asthetics, then that is fine. ... (15 replies)
... Yeah- the question is not COULD they leak and get decay under the filling (of course they could)... the question is ARE they doing that now? Your lack of pain doesn't mean anything-- you've got to look at that tooth and the X-rays. (17 replies)
... It's probably necessary if your existing filling is pretty old. Old fillings whether it be silver or composite will get what we call a leakage around the margin of the filling. ... (17 replies)
... The dentist should have told you why he wanted to replace the filling and discussed the risks. Most likely there was decay under the filling or the edges of the filling were pulling away from the tooth, leaving room for bacteria to get in. ... (6 replies)
... Sounds to me that the 1st dentist didn't clean out the decay completely on those 2 fillings before he placed the new fillilngs. You may need a base put in the tooth before the filling is placed. ... (1 replies)
... Turned out I needed a root canal for that, the decay under the filling was deep. The procedure went smoothly and the dentist expected it would take away my lower molar pain, temple and ear ache. ... (4 replies)
... had an old amalgam filling for about 15 years. Upon moving and coming to a new dentist, during my normal checkup it was said that the tooth had some decay under the existing amalgam and needed to be replaced. ... (0 replies)
... I have decay under a gold filling so will need the tooth extracted at some point, the decay is down the side. ... (0 replies)
13 cavities?
May 17, 2013
... I'm not sure the previous dentist was being unethical, but he was being hyper-aggressive at the very least. The weird thing was, his hygenist was the first person to look at the x-rays and say "I see 13 cavities"! I was like "***?" Since when did she go to dental school? The previous dentist also missed the root canal, but said (as the next guy did), that the one area was... (9 replies)

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