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... It shouldn't matter pricewise whether the tooth you are replacing with the flipper is a front tooth or a back tooth. Everyone is different in regards to how long it takes for teeth to shift. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the reply...Yes, there is a metal clasp on the opposite side of the flipper from where the tooth is. Boy, what a hunk of junk. LOL! ... (2 replies)
... Does your flipper have clasps (hooks) or does it just fit by suction? It sounds like it might be too tight. Your mouth should not throb when you remove it. As far as the indentation- where is it? If it is at the very back of the mouth assuming it is an upper, part of the suction is created by making a thicker area here and that may be what you feel. Go back to the dentist... (2 replies)

... Is a flipper supposed to leave grooves/indentations on the roof of your mouth? I am a few days into wearing this "devil device" hahaha and it seems like every day it feels tighter and tighter. I am wondering if anyone knows how exactly this should feel in my mouth? I was told by my dentist that it would feel foreign for a few days but I think it may be ill fitting now as when... (2 replies)
... How do you clean a dental flipper? ... (1 replies)
... Dear Sarah, Awww, that's a terrible experience! It seems that you are used to having to take care of things all by yourself. I'm so sorry you have felt so alone! BUT, you have a partner now! For the relationship to work you must open up and share your concerns and needs. Your mouth issue is a NEED! In fact this is a good test to see if you have a partner worthy of your... (1 replies)
... Went for a consult as bridge work is loose and was told I need two dental implants with a sinus lift. Have heard sinus lift is very painful and even my regular dentist said, " I don't blame you for not wanting it". ... (1 replies)
... It will not affect the subsequent dental implant at all. In fact, many people missing a tooth that is noticeable, choose this option. A dental flipper is sort of flimsy, so I'm not sure how well it will hold up for all of that time, but if you use it gently, it's not impossible. ... (3 replies)
... ve different policies, but. If your dentist, dentist A, is going to be restoring the implants with a crown, you need to find out if this fee includes a temporary flipper to replace your missing front tooth in the healing process. In my mind, it should. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, new here, trying to figure out my dental dilemma and would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. ... (1 replies)
Temp Flipper Hell
Apr 30, 2014
... I'm finally getting some much needed dental work done--crowns, bridge and it looks like a few implants to hold the bridges. First thing my dentist had a partial made that fills in the empty spaces and fits right over my existing teeth. While it is nice to have those empty spaces filled the flipping thing is hell on earth. I have an extremely tiny mouth to begin with and the... (5 replies)
Dental Flipper
Sep 6, 2013
... Hey had your 4 front teeth removed and a fixed bridge, what teeth did the dentist use as anchor teeth??? this is exactly what I need to have done, only hoping that it is possible for me.. (18 replies)
Dental Flipper
Aug 28, 2013
... Yes, I"m in CA too. It's expensive. Since it's your front teeth maybe it's easier to clean than in the back. Good luck with it. (18 replies)
Dental Flipper
Aug 28, 2013
... Implants are too costly here in Calif. Over $2,000 per--PLUS the tooth. I am stuck--as it is-- the Bridge will be $5,700. The Dentist worries about cleaning , also. There was an option of a Maryland Bridge--with wings attached to the 2 teeth holding the teeth. Rather than 2 crowns. He thinks the Crowns are a better option. I will talk to him about the options next week. I... (18 replies)
Dental Flipper
Aug 28, 2013
... (18 replies)
Dental Flipper
Aug 28, 2013
... I had 2 bridges and both failed. The teeth with the crown on either end didn't need a crown to begin with. Then there was constant decay underneath the bridge no matter how often I brushed my teeth. I didn't want implants but here I am having to get them anyways after two failed bridges. I would really think hard before getting a bridge. If anything goes wrong, the whole... (18 replies)
Dental Flipper
Jul 25, 2013
... but if made correctly, you can eat with one as are usually made with same type of acrylic dentures are. no metal framewark though, so aren't meant to be permiment. (18 replies)
... I had the extractions done and the implant bodies inserted all in the same procedure and am now on the mend. I'm able to eat with the flipper in also. Thanks! ... (3 replies)
... The flipper would actually replace the teeth that are being extracted, which is a different appliance than an orthodontic retainer. Did the dentist recommend the flipper to keep the teeth from shifting, or were they talking about just esthetic purposes? ... (2 replies)
... d have to wear a retainer. If I where to get a bridge because of money issues I might not be able to get a flipper, but I wanted to know if I would need to get a flipper since I've had braces and wear a retainer to help keep my teeth from moving? ... (2 replies)

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