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... drink. Today, I noticed that the gum below the adjacent tooth is really inflamed and red. ... (1 replies)
... d not handle the pain. I couldn't eat, move, talk. If I opened my front door the air would set it off. The pain was like severe shooting burning on the front and in between my teeth at gum level and was causing electric shocks in my face, lips and nose. There was nothing wrong with the teeth on Xray. ... (6 replies)
... sdom teeth are coming in. I can almost see my back right one, but I cant see or feel the others. It doesnt hurt, I just cant chew on it. I'm getting them all out in a month. they are impacting. ... (0 replies)

... Well i haven't been to a dentist in some years, and i was planning on going next week as I've had some small chips and some sensitivity. ... (1 replies)
... It started a few days ago pain in my upper right teeth canine,incisor and i believe a molar. The canine i've had a minor chip in for almost a decade now. Noticed its a bit worse when this pain started but not enough to be sure. I also can't pinpoint the pain as it floats at times. ... (0 replies)
... a toothache from a cavity. While that may temporarily work on some cavities, it does not help on a tooth which has been exposed due to gum recession, simply because there is no cavity. ... (5 replies)
... with a large filling. They can be just a little bit too close to the nerve. But if it's happening all over your mouth it sounds as though you may have a bit of gum recession and the dentin in your teeth has become exposed. Is that possible? ... (10 replies)
... Also, if you have deep pockets, the most important thing you can do is floss them clean at least once a day. Plaque can be very irritating to the gum and that can make the whole area ache just like you describe. ... (4 replies)
... So I started to use Sensodyne. And, I mean I REALLY used it. I rubbed it on the sore gum area at least five times a day and left it there. I brushed with it three times a day and then brushed a second time leaving the toothpaste without rinsing. ... (3 replies)
... I'm not sure if this will help you, but I, too, had terrible pain in my gums. My periodontist and regular dentist could find nothing wrong and numerous xrays showed nothing. Still, my gums and mouth hurt, big time. ... (6 replies)
... Also, there are times when the teeth ache from the dentin and enamel having been thinned over time and the gums receding. When this happens the nerve becomes more exposed, fluid travels through tubules from the dentin surface to the nerve and OW! It hurts. ... (9 replies)
Pain in crown
Jan 16, 2009
... It could be its not seated well or properly meaning that some part of the dentin or nerve is slightly exposed at the base of the crown near the gum line or that not enough cement or bonding agent was used so the crown has some mobility to it which is why you tend to feel it more only when pressure is applied to the crown horizontally or vertically - and on occasion I have had... (2 replies)
... Thank you for the wonderful information and warm welcome. I tell you, it's mighty hard to live with this stuff. I noticed my nerve pain is worse in times of stress and since all the drama with work, home and car I have been very stressed out. ... (13 replies)
... per work gets to me for the clinic to even set an appointment up for me to be seen. So as the months go by the hole gets bigger. I mean the size of a corn kernel in the center of the tooth and the hole goes all the way down past the gum, when my toothbrush bristles go in there it feels as though the nerve is exposed. ... (16 replies)
... Yep, they will take x-rays every five years to make sure that everything is fine. Those will show any problems that you may have. Cavities are not a big deal. They definitely don't take as long as root canals, which is always good. People always complain about the novacaine shots hurting. I personally don't mind them at all. It's nothing to me... I barely even feel anything... (10 replies)
... like i said first thing i ever had to get done was Root canal! had a chipped tooth and the nerve was exposed! The root canal didn't hurt at all though! ... (10 replies)
... had bridge put in on lower right two teeth pulled..bridge attached to the teeth in front and back of teeth that were pulled. Have had nothing except problems since....gum receeded..feels like jaw bone also disappearing by the bridge.... ... (0 replies)
... Do not use Anbesol in that way to help relieve the pain. Anbesol is pretty strong and is not designed to be used this way. ... (9 replies)
... ers, the facial surface of your tooth is slightly shaved to permit room for the veneer. Your enamel acts like a layer of insulation on your tooth protecting the nerve from the sensitivity to hot and cold. Your veneer may be acting as a conductor of temperature causing your discomfort. ... (5 replies)
... Hi. Yes i visited my dentist with toothache and he said it was gum inflammation causing the problem, basically the gums around the tooth become lose so to speak allowing the nerve endings to become exposed to cold or hot drinks etc etc, i was prescribed an antibiotic which cured the problem and i also switched to sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive gums (4 replies)

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