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... th before in my life. Not even a cavity. Last week, suddenly I got what I thought was a sore inside my mouth. I went to the dentist, and it turned out to be a bone spur, or a bit of bone exposed through my gums, apparently because of eating something sharp that poked a hole in my gums. ... (1 replies)
... hey just wondering if you solved your problem with your jaw - just found this forum and hoping some of the people with major jaw problems are still around (72 replies)
... left the office in horrible pain, which has never happened to me with my other root canals. That night, I almost lost my mind because the WHOLE right side of my mouth both upper and lower was THROBBING beyond pain meds, ice, anything would relieve it. I was placed on another round of Clindamycin as well. ... (72 replies)

... I've never heard of a bone spur in the mouth but I guess it's possible. I'd ask if they can shave it off like they do with bone spurs. It may have been growing for a while but it's odd that it never showed up on your regular xrays before. ... (1 replies)
... It turned out to be a bone spur next to where my wisdom tooth was. The bone was through the gum wall. Local pain injection, incision on the gum to expose the bone, filed down the bone smooth. Four stiches to close. ... (2 replies)
Dental problems
Mar 4, 2006
... From what I have read any tooth extraction can loosen bone and cause a bone spur or splinter...which just usually works its way's always good to get a second consult... ... (5 replies)
... Because Of My Fears...with What I Have Read On The Web It Is Normal To Find Those Little Fact, My Extraction Healed Over, And A Little Later A Small Bone Spur Worked Its Way Out, And I Haven't Felt Anything Else. ... (34 replies)
... I didn't like the Lortab prescription, and I barely slept at all. He checked my mouth and thought it was possible dry socket, and he also thought that I had some bone that still needed to be removed on both sides of my lower jaw. Jeez! So he numbed me up, and went to work removing the bone spur, I guess, that's what is was. ... (2 replies)
... the nodule, it could be a bone spur if it is hard, it might be an abscess that developed from an infection around the extracted tooth and it decided to form a pocket now. ... (2 replies)
... hing. There is a very sharp object in the area where the tooth was. I have been back several times. The last time was for the stabbing pain...he said it was a bone spur and did nothing about it. Said it would get better. Okay, I am dealing with it. I am so weak, as it is hard to eat and sleep. ... (2 replies)
... Mine is the 28th of Aug. and I will be able to eat cake with teeth in my mouth even if I have to borrow someone elses. I go tomorrow for another bone spur lasering. I am pray the denture God is listening and grants my wish. I hopefully will get my dentist to tell me when I can have the implants. ... (492 replies)
... I get no new teeth until sometime in Sept. In fact I get no teeth period until then. I am not even to wear the immediates that I have here. The bone graphing is not taking to the plate but is taking to the rod. ... (492 replies)
... You say it looks like a canker sore, have you ran your fingernail over it to make sure its not a bone spur. Them little guys are cruel. I didn't think I could get one so high up in the roof of my mouth but I did. Do you have dental insurance? ... (492 replies)
... as either he or one of his staff does everyday, and I told him about the spot. He is thinks it is either a pressure point spot or maybe a bone spur that hasn't surfaced. Well I figure since I haven't tryed to perform my own surgery and remove these bonespurs yet that I will just go to Dr. ... (492 replies)
... this morning and apologized for all the hassles yesterday. He sent me over to the other office in hopes that they would just numb the front area and remove the bone spur. ... (492 replies)
... fter delivering my baby. He did not want to do it while I was still carrying. In some respects it might have been easier to do as you did. I had a new baby and a mouth full of new teeth to work with. ... (492 replies)
... e tori that had to be removed is the slowest healing part....and the hardest to 'work around' so to say! Have to go in again next week and have some more of the bone taken off. They are only going to use novicaine this time but give me the 'happy pills' so hopefully I make it thru that part. ... (28 replies)
... the medication wore off, I did have pain as it was not easy to get wisdom tooth out. He told me to use Motrin. This procedure was done yesterday. I also had a spur removed on a prior extraction right near there which had to have stitches. ... (34 replies)

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