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... My teeth now hurt like I have a new cavity, but only when I chew something and my tongue is still numb 6 days later! I called the dentist last Friday and told him my tongue was still numb and he told me to wait 2 weeks and see if it came back fully. ... (0 replies)
... hi jeepers101, go to 1 or 2 other dentist(s) in a different office to get their opinion(s), if they still find nothing wrong then you might want to consider doing a refill, especi***y if your current filling is a composite filling. i hope you feel better. (1 replies)
... I've been to the dentist 4 times in the last 3 months, the first time they filled a cavity in the tooth that was hurting, the last three times was when that same tooth was still hurting. ... (1 replies)

... I am 27 and i just had my first ever cavity filled. It was on the last tooth on the upper left side, but it was also in between the teeth. Aug 21 i went in i got a Novocain shot, dentist started drilling. ... (1 replies)
... he saw me in February and didn't seem to think I had any problems with my teeth, even said something about good hygiene. ... (5 replies)
... i really do sympathise with you i know pain ,suffering at moment try gargling hot salt water (obviously not too hot) try that for a few days ,see how it goes,then try cordysil ,but not every day as it discolours your teeth also try sensative tooth paste see if that makes it any better ,but if not you will have to go back to dentist ,.as maybe treatment might of triggered... (3 replies)
... First off, let me say that I love these boards. The people responding truly have some great insight and advice. I'm hoping to hear what your opinions are on my issue. ... (3 replies)
... een experiencing teeth pain due to various reasons. At first it was normal pain that disappeared for a day and came back and dully paining. I saw a black area on my lower left 2nd molar so I assumed I had a bad cavity. It hurts with heat and sweets. ... (1 replies)
Abcess tooth
Jun 4, 2012
... I just got an abscessed tooth a few days ago...holy crap does it hurt..i cant tell what tooth it is i think it is one of my back ones..have a cavity in it so i am assuming its that one,,but my whole right side of my face hurts all the way up to my forehead..even my lower jaw... ... (0 replies)
... At this point it's still just popping out of my gum line, but it hurts. If I push up on it, it REALLY hurts. Sometimes it feels a little sore and if I push on it one way or the other it feels better. ... (1 replies)
... ch ended up causing me an issue after the procedure, the molar on the bottom that hurt while drilling, and the molar on top directly above it on the left side of my mouth. Both Molars. They were perfectly on top of one another. ... (0 replies)
Cavity gone bad
Jun 24, 2007
... however, my jaw is killing me. I have a very mild case of TMJ on that same side. ... (3 replies)
... at sometimes the tooth can die from trauma and he didn't bother to mention it. He also screwed up the metal cuff so now I have permanent filling material between my teeth which can't be removed. ... (9 replies)
Not a cavity
May 18, 2006
... have the same thing. I have been to my dentist and he told me that I have a collection of nerve endings in that spot and I could be feeling pain from anywhere in my mouth but he still couldnt find a cavity. Mine only hurts when I eat something with sugar and I know it sounds weird, when I eat cool ranch doritos. ... (5 replies)
... After the first visit where I got temporary crowns, my jaws were killing me and my gums were raw. ... (2 replies)
... OK .. got all my uppers out about 2 months ago ... full upper dentures, immediate. I'm healing up fine ... ... (0 replies)
... some problems later on, in which case you may have to go ahead and get it pulled, anyway. I have a medical condition that keeps me from getting mine pulled and my dentist knows this and works with me. I wasn't aware of the hole in your tooth being that big.... ... (5 replies)
... I am ready to just have every single tooth pulled out of my mouth! The ironic thing is my teeth were fine until I went to the dentist!! We got dental ins. and I decided to go in and have my dental work done, 3 weeks ago. ... (15 replies)
... I'm 35, and just had the 2 wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth pulled 4 days ago. ... (6 replies)
... About 5 weeks ago I started having tooth pain in the tooth on the bottom left that's just to the left of my eye tooth. The bicuspid I think. But on that side my wisdom tooth was crooked and all my teeth hurt so I thought that was the cause. I got them removed on September 11th. ... (1 replies)

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